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November 4, 2021 | 10:11

Cuberto taxi mobile software screens.

With the development of such riding apps as Uber or Bolt, people are getting used to fast service and no longer want to spend time waiting for a taxi to arrive or make annoying phone calls looking for the car. 

If you want your taxi business to survive and get more loyal clients, an online taxi dispatch system may be what you need. Let’s learn more about how taxi software can bring your services to the next level.

Article is based on Amconsoft’s experience building custom taxi software solutions.

Taxi market overview

The taxi market was valued at USD 159.6 billion in 2020. The market is estimated to reach USD 327.54 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 8.95% over the forecast period (2021-2026). 

Speaking of trends, ride-hailing is anticipated to lead the taxi market over the forecast period. According to some surveys, a total of 15 million ride-hailing trips are made each day, which is expected to increase gigantically and hit the 100 million mark by 2030.

Taxi market revenue share research by Mondor Intelligence.

The increase of demand for ride-hailing and ride-sharing services, as well as online taxi booking channels, and surge in the cost of vehicle ownership will drive the market growth. The post-pandemic shift in urban transportation means an opportunity to grow for taxi and ride-hailing services that can capture the new demand. Also, such factors as smartphone penetration will make users switch to online channels. 

It’s also expected that more taxi companies will adopt ride-sharing, which is also on the rise nowadays. 

For example, a taxi company called Ridealto started offering ride-sharing services to its customers at a subscription and even had its own fleet of drivers and SUVs.

The industry needs more innovation, and that’s the fact. Especially when it comes to the main challenges faced by taxi owners: what are they, and how do they affect the taxi industry? Keep reading to learn more.

Challenges faced by taxi & limo business owners

The taxi and limo industry has shuttered after being affected by Coronavirus. In addition, the booming ride-hailing industry has significantly cut into market share and profitability for taxi businesses.

What I find interesting about the rapid changes that are happening in our industry is everyone saying, ‘Wow, look at this disruption,’” Yellow Cab of Columbus CEO Morgan Kauffman told Smart Cities Dive. “I don’t really believe in that. I believe that this is just straight evolution and not a disruption at all. Disruption happens when people stop paying attention.”

The evolution starts with the understanding of the current challenges. In the taxi industry, they are the following:

Managing bookings

Booking management is one of the most common challenges taxi services face. First of all, modern customers don’t like to book a taxi by making calls, and, moreover, they are not into long waiting times. That’s why taxi businesses can save time by automating all booking tasks: show up-to-date availability and immediate price quotations, handle cancellations, modifications and set up automatic confirmations.

 Adapting to the latest trends

The taxi industry needs to adapt to the latest trends and compete with ride-hailing services and taxi booking apps. Actually, nothing stops the taxi industry from going digital, and Uber has even partnered with taxis and given them access to their apps. 

So, it’s not all about technology. Regulators are doing their residents an injustice by regulating taxi prices and fueling Uber’s growth. There are a lot of regulations taxis have to adhere to, and Uber doesn’t have to. That’s why the innovation and trends should begin with reviewing regulations first.

 Increased level of competition

If taxis want to survive, they need to adapt a lot from Uber, as the competition is always moving forward. If taxi firms are open to innovations and competition and can push the cities to deregulate their lobbying efforts, there is a chance to survive. 

There are a lot of new emerging services that offer customers lower prices, more available taxicabs, and a high-tech alternative to the customary method of hailing taxicabs and paying for rides. Taxi services need to understand that and be open to innovations.

That’s where taxi software can disrupt the industry. Let’s review the top 5 dispatch taxi software out there.

Top-5 dispatch taxi software

Taxi dispatch systems can help you save up to 90% time and money while concentrating on what matters to their customers. They’re quick and easy to implement, and fully customized to your needs. Are you looking for the best taxi dispatch system? Let’s review the most popular examples.

Cab Software

Cab software is a complex solution for the online cab taxi business that combines both taxi dispatch software and online taxi service. Its main features include:

  • Control panel where you can create and manage orders, manage company finances, review the reports on each driver’s ride and the movement of financial resources on the accounts of a particular driver, and even create and manage the passenger blacklists.
  • Driver app, where drivers can quickly receive orders, communicate with the passenger, and view statistics, ride history and manage route planning.
  • Passenger app, which is a user-friendly application, where your clients can plan the route to save time, choose the level of comfort and car class, choose the most optimal payment options, and add the most visited places to their favorites.
  • Cab Software - complex solution for online Cab Taxi business

    The advantage of Cab Software is that it’s fully customizable, and they can make the design of the application unique and memorizable using your logo and corporate colors.


    As stated on their website, YellowSoft — cloud taxi dispatch system is pushing the envelope of digitization by empowering on-demand service providers across the world with its state-of-the-art technology. It’s a cloud-based taxi dispatch system that consists of three parts: YellowTaxi, YellowRide, YellowXpress, and YellowSend. 

    YellowTaxi is an all-in-one best taxi booking software that will help you automate your taxi operations, minimize costs, and utilize driver’s potential to its fullest with Yelowtaxi’s leading-age taxi dispatch solution.

    With this software, you can monitor your taxi business operations by tracking your drivers and customers. Also, you can easily track the bookings, earnings, preferable payment mode, and locations with high demand.

    Yelowsoft - on-demand taxi solution

    It allows you to:

  • Manage bookings with taxi software
  • Filter all the canceled, pending, and rejected rides as per day, week and month to manage them better.

  • Manage drivers
  • You can add, remove, update, and block their drivers’ profile and their commissions and do this all on the go.

  • Analyze the efficiency of your business
  • With YellowTaxi’s cloud-based taxi booking system, you can analyze the data of your drivers, bookings, and transactions to get a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses.

    Your drivers will be able to:

  • Pass on the pending ride request to the nearby driver to never miss the ride
  • Track their earnings daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Get accurate fare estimates with YelowTaxi’s automated dispatch solution when it comes to street pickups
  • Onfleet

    If you still don’t know how to choose a cab dispatch system, we have one more great system to show. Onfleet is a last-mile delivery platform that allows you to dispatch efficiently by managing and tracking routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard. It has the following features:

  • Route optimization
  • Its optimization engine analyzes time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. Updates about any changes or re-optimization are sent to drivers in real-time.

  • Search and filter
  • Drivers can search for anything using text, time, or status-based queries to quickly find drivers, customers, or pickup/delivery tasks.

  • Auto-dispatch
  • With auto-dispatch, drivers can assign the tasks to other drivers and reduce service time and labor costs.

    Onfleet - the world's most advanced logistics software.


    Choosing the best limo dispatch software is hard. That’s why there is Jugnoo. Jugnoo is an advanced limo dispatch software with intuitive customer & chauffeur apps & powerful dispatcher & admin modules. It consists of the following elements: an intuitive customer app, advanced chauffeur app, dispatcher dashboard, and admin panel.

    An intuitive customer app allows to:

  • Book rides via mobile app
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Get real-time tracking
  • Integrate multiple payment gateways
  • advanced limo dispatch software

    With chauffeur mobile apps, you can easily dispatch, optimize routes, fulfill payments for different drivers. With this app, drivers can:

  • Receive real-time ride request
  • Share relevant ride information
  • Route optimized navigation
  • Track daily trips & earnings
  • The dispatcher dashboard, in its turn, makes it incredibly easy to manage ride requests, bookings & dispatch — all on a single dashboard. It allows you to:

  • Manage bookings, drivers & trip data
  • Set customer fares & commissions
  • Manage rides, customer profiles & queries
  • Send real-time alerts to customers & drivers
  • And, finally, the admin panel allows to effectively manage booking, dispatching, payments, reporting & analytics on a single admin dashboard. It gives an opportunity to:

  • Automate dispatch system workflow
  • Set dynamic pricing to optimize the dispatch
  • Monitor driver & limo performance
  • Get actionable insights based on data
  • Groundalliance

    Groundalliance is a limousine booking software with on-the-go features for ground transportation. Its features include:

  • Real-time global connectivity
  • You have all the chances to turn into a global transportation service provider and enhance your global connectivity.

  • Cloud-based technology
  • With its cloud-based technology, you can effortlessly manage all your vital information of portals, mobile apps & custom websites with the same cloud data storage.

  • Detailed analytics
  • Users can view and generate detailed reports on the reservation, employee, office, billing, and more.

  • Integration with telephony
  • With a single click, you can call the passenger, call the chauffeur, and then conference bridge the two calls.

    Groundalliance -  limo reservation and dispatching software

    Now, when you know how to choose taxi cloud software, let’s see how it will actually benefit your business.

    Not suitable for you? Try custom taxi dispatch software development

    Try custom transportation software development if the taxi dispatch software features do not respond to your company’s current needs and you need something more personalized and tailored to your business’s goals. Let’s see the examples of custom taxi software our team has developed and what value it provides.

    GuyTaxi – platform for taxi business

    The project’s main idea was to help small taxi companies create a modern digital solution and automate all the operational tasks. The most challenging part was the development of delay and failure of chat messages, interrupting the functioning of GPS trackers, and desynchronization of customers and driver counters.

    The solution was to implement internal notifications that maintain continuously, synchronize the clients’ and drivers’ counters using WebSockets, and use WebSockets for a chat solution.

    We have created both a desktop dispatcher console and mobile app for passengers to ensure a safe journey and effective route tracking.

    GuyTaxi - mobile app platform for taxi business

    Taxi dispatch system for YellowUa

    Our team has developed a three-module system for online taxi management and customers’ communications.

    The main challenge was to simplify the cab reservation process and provide cohesive customer service with operational efficiency by offering a user experience for cab drivers and passengers. 

    After analyzing the client requirements, we developed a taxi booking and dispatch software by combining passenger, driver, and back-end admin. Also, we have integrated a payment gateway to manage multiple currencies.

    YellowUa - a three-module system for online taxi management

    As a result, the customer satisfaction rate increased by 30% and YellowUA became one of the three leading taxi companies in Kyiv along with Uber, Uklon.

    Which taxi cab software will help you in managing your business

    There are different types of taxi software, let’s see which one is the best for you.

    HRMS Cloud

    The HRMS cloud system contains all the necessary information about your employees and helps to replace the excel sheets and paperwork. HDMS will help you manage the performance of your employees and make sure that their interests align with the goals of your company. HRs and employees can log into the system at any time and see all the necessary analytics on the dashboard.

    Finance solutions

    Finance solutions help to analyze the budget and allocate your resources efficiently. With the help of financial solutions, you can create balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, analysis of accounting ratios, etc., and track your expenses. It will help you to allocate costs better and organize the work processes in a way that brings profit both to your business and your drivers.

    Taxi Dispatch solution

    Here’s how the taxi dispatch solution works: it connects app users to the nearby drivers to reduce the booking times and increase the efficiency of your drivers. Think of it as also a database with your drivers, where you can track their productivity. Taxi dispatch solutions also help to utilize your vehicles more efficiently and send notifications about the fluctuations in demand for your cabs.

    How is a taxi dispatch system beneficial for successful startups

    Taxi App is a perfect response to fleet owners and taxi operators.

    If you want to take your taxi business to the next level, a taxi dispatch system is exactly what you need. Here’s what it brings to you:

    Increased visibility

    If you want to bring more visibility to your taxi business, you need to make sure that the taxi booking process is intuitive and easy, and customers can find a taxi in less than a minute. Such a system will make you more visible among your competitors and draw more customers to your business. Remember, the more innovative and customer-oriented you are, the more your company will be different from the competitors.

    Real-time location tracking

    With the help of taxi dispatch systems, drivers can see the customer’s location in real-time and find the shortest taxi route to reach them. It helps to save both time and fuel and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business.


    With the taxi booking app, all the processes become transparent. You can track everything: from fuel costs and vehicle usage to customer satisfaction.

    Why choose taxi dispatch software for your goals?

    Taxi dispatch software or the best limo reservation system will help you better monitor your business and increase customer satisfaction. This is an all-in-one solution to keep everything related to the bookings, customer data, expenses, and employees. Also, it will help you collect all the information about your customers you need and based on this data, target the customer at the right place and at the right time.

    Amconsoft has expertise in developing custom transportation solutions for both startups and middle-size businesses. Our goal is to optimize the urban transportation industry with customer-oriented multimodal smart mobility solutions, transport management systems, and limo system software. Interested in getting a custom quote? Contact us right now and get the best offer possible.

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