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Migration & Enhancements

  • UI/UX updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Database migration

Correction & Growth

  • Architecture optimization
  • Code refactoring
  • Third-party integrations s

Software Re-engineering

  • Сreate an up-to-date product
  • Performance testing
  • Launch updates

For corporates & mature businesses.

Some legacy systems for mature businesses developed decades ago, and the risk of crashes is very high. For example, the company couldn't proceed with electronically-filed tax returns because of technical problems. It might happen to businesses where its IT system is outdated and required modernization.

At AMCONSOFT, we assist with legacy software modernization processes to ensure a business's smooth work

Start Your Legacy Software Modernization with AmconSoft in Seven Easy Steps!

If you are willing to get a smoothly working product, then permanent technology updates and regular maintenance are in need. Sometimes businesses forget to spend time and effort on tech maintenance, which became really costly then.

Legacy software might be based on outdated technologies, which slow down the system’s work and occur numerous errors.
We at AMCONSOFT are willing to renew legacy software within the next simple steps below.



We assess the current state of legacy systems from both tech and business points.


Select approach

We follow agile practices to select the primary approach and deliver changes with minimum risks.



We rethink the software architecture and prioritize further steps for simplicity.



We start re-engineering your system with the right tech stack to deliver optimal performance and user experience.



During the re-engineering, we prepare detailed documentation for future system growth.



Testing is the next vital stage we perform, which ensures to avoid mistakes and system errors.


Staff education

We help your employees to master the new software faster, giving them clear guidelines.

Our approach:

Technologies Analysis
Architecture Audit
Code Review
UI/UX Review
Performance Testing

We carefully check your legacy system from both technical and business points. Before the initial software modernization process, we analyze the existing technology stack, check the used programming language, and define its relevance. We check the app's environment, define dependencies, evaluate the current state.

We determine the weak points and other things that need to be improved. The architecture audit is necessary to reveal the weak and strong points. Moreover, during the audit, we understand how to perform modernization with the lower risks to the existing system. We define the best approach to implement and evaluate expected terms.

Legacy software modernization processes require regular code reviews and refactoring. We typically conduct system code review and check the quality of source code. As soon as we start adding new flows, features, or integrations, it’s vital to be sure about the current code state.

Our professionals also check UI/UX design to see which parts of the interface are outdated. We check the element's consistency and legibility.

Performance testing aims at uncovering further potential issues with the legacy systems. Poor performance or major flaws can serve as a reason for a complete system reengineering and selective improvements.

Legacy Software Modernization Across Key Industries.

We know the problems you are facing during the legacy software modernization process. Hopefully, we know how to solve any of the complex development issues with ease. If you are wondering how your company can benefit, let us offer you our superior services. With the experience of over 7 years, we helped with modernization to the following main target industries:

Transport & Logistics

Broadcast & Multimedia

IT-Solutions for TAXI

Tourism & Hospitality

E-commerce & M-commerce


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Unlock higher operational efficiency with the next services:

We offer vast legacy software modernization opportunities to businesses with different expectations. Our team of experts will be glad to help. Depending on your immediate demands, we provide a great variety of services. Check them all and opt for the right one.


Complete System Modernization

We deploy and modernize software of any kind of complexity. Legacy software modernization performed from scratch, enhancing further optimization and performance.


Modernization Consulting

Before applying any kind of software modernization, we analyze your legacy systems. Then we'll advise the best solution for the rehosting, redesign, etc.


App Migration

Using the industry-leading tools, we help with the app migration to the cloud for higher performance, improved security, scalability.


Performance Optimization

Speed-up performance optimization is the primary task for legacy software modernization. We opt for the most acceptable approach to reach positive implications.


System Integration

We ensure smooth data transfer with a cloud-based integration between your software and the third-party service when applying additional integrations.


This is going to be a long-lasting relationship not only with this project but with my other future business ideas too.

Donald Dumisani Mabuza
CEO, Sinethemba Group
Donald Dumisani Mabuza

It's been 4 years since we working with Amcon, we developed a lot of solutions, we created a lot of projects. Our customers are delighted.

Alain Bied
CEO, BroadTeam
Alain Bied

The key moment in our work with AmconSoft was their understanding of my business and their strategy in product management.

Maksim Kurtov
CEO, Treasure Island
Maksim Kurtov

As a result, I've got a great website, that exceeded my expectations and tasks I've set from the beginning.

Platon Lazebnik
Co-Owner, Motorrad
Platon Lazebnik


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AmconSoft helps us to be more reactive, more dynamic, to take more risk in our development. Because we don`t only have a company that makes us a code, we have a partner we can count on.
Alain Bied

CEO, BroadTeam

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