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Сhoose Dedicated Team Model

Examine your business needs, evaluate the risks, define specific business goals. Dedicated software development teams work for startups and mature businesses when:

Type of project

With a fixed and considerable flow


Rapidly growing


Staffing needs

You have an inhouse PM and require an engineering team

You need an engineer with a specific expertise

You need both PM and team

You need to extend the existed team

Dedicated Team Set-Up Process

Once you’ve revealed the staffing needs, it’s time now to set up the team. We give you the right developers to deliver tasks in time, here’s how we follow the process at AMCONSOFT:


Gathering requirements

Our developers look at the market trends, your target users, goals, the stage of your current project, and budget. We gather requirements including a project description, job descriptions, team size, and the desired workflow.

Step 2:

Assembling the team

After analyzing all aspects of your business, we search for the required software developers in less than two weeks. If you need to assemble a team quickly, we ask our partners for help.

Step 3:

Coordination of work stages, deadlines, finances

We work with you so that you get a clear understanding of how the development process works. We'll keep in contact with you at all times to make sure we meet deadlines and submit the perfect products. We also give you time to plan out your budget so that you do not encounter any inconveniences as we start product development.

Step 4:

Integrating the team

Our developers will be integrated smoothly into your working process. You may opt for the preferred management approach and tools to coordinate the working process. Our dedicated developers are capable of launching a project within the shortest time possible.

Hire a dedicated development team to optimize business operations and increase productivity!

Time & Material is the winning collaboration model we follow.

You’re paying for the result of your cooperation with the AMCONSOFT. No coffee-drinking, social-media-scrolling time included. For our products and services management team, successful products are those that set proper priorities, consider all situations, accept incomprehensible problems, and invest in relationships!

It is your way to go if you:

Have a small project

Have only a concept or idea

Plan to build an MVP

Don’t know the target market

Need updates or some features

Need to set the requirements

Dedicated teams for Startups and Enterprise Businesses in Terms of Scope, Time, and Cost:

When it comes to dedicated team cooperation model it is admitted to be flexible and straightforward. Each team is lead by a service product manager who oversees all stages of planning and development.
This is achieved by setting up a clear plan from the get-go and creating a product based on the needs of a business client.
Let’s explore more about dedicated team in terms of time, scope, cost.


In terms of requirements for customers dedicated team is a flexible model. Client select the appropriate scope for development team like they are already his employees. The main advatage for customer is possibility to communicate with team directly within the selected channel.


Client coordinates deadline by himself as well as agrees on the timeframe for project. It doesn’t need to negotiate with the representatives about time terms. The development team is under the customer’s control, and he’s free to manage how much would they spend on a single task.


The cost model varies where clients pay monthly, or weekly. For weekly payment developers use tracking software for transparent time management. We usually sign the agreement that clients pay for dedicated team like their in-house employees.

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