Hire intelligent machines.

That are fast learners, multitaskers, senior analysts and hard workers free of human errors

Humans are able to fix their errors, but we lose in comparison with machines in terms of operational speed. Scaling up your business you face the need to simultaneously process a great amount of data that comes from different sources. AI&Machine Learning handle this task with deep analysis, sustained learning, reasoning and deducing.

This is how AI&Machine Learning turn your weak points into source of success

Catch complex insights to develop winning strategies

You don’t need to waste your time and lose money on guessing games in the decision making process anymore. Make optimal decisions that drive business value based on reasonable insights and risk estimations delivered with Data-Driven Insights and Cloud-based AI models.

Automate all repetitive processes and online marketing campaigns

It’s not necessary to invest in additional human resources to expand your business. Just free your existing employees of repetitive time-consuming routine and let them focus fully on that 20 % of tasks that bring 80% of the result. Improve business efficiency by automating repetitive processes across all departments with Deep learning and Visual Information Processing.

Increase your customer engagement by providing super-personalized experience

You spend too many resources on customer acquisition to simply let them go. Develop long-term relationships and increase customers’ lifetime value with innovative solutions like Predictive Analytics and AI Virtual Assistants that help to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right moment.

Secure your business with predictive weaknesses analysis and threat detection

Solving security problem post-factum you pay twice: to cover damage and to strengthen vulnerabilities in your system. AI&ML technologies nip threats in the bud, relying on predictive models and Deep Learning. Raise your business physical, digital and financial safety relying on ANN, Computer vision, Deep Learning, and Advanced Analytics.

Artificial intelligence

Reduction of human error and efficiency increase by automation of repetitive processes

Outcome predictions

Business insights generation

Personalized customer experience

Grow revenue by generating qualified leads and supporting sales with valid data during customer journey through the sales funnel

Fraud detection

Machine Learning

Learning algorithms consume, analyze, interpret and store a big amount of information from different sources

Spam detection

Raising the accuracy of predictions

Cut operating costs on customer support

Deliver precise real-time information on financial rules and trade signals

Creation of effective predictive maintenance plans

AI&Machine Learning opportunities that give competitive advantage today and enhance your progress in the long run.

Automation Solutions

From automating manual processes to developing complex integrations across your IT infrastructure, the correct deployment of automation technologies can produce scalability and growth that your business would not gain otherwise.


Artificial Neural Networks


Machine Learning & Deep Learning


AI-Powered Chatbots


Computer Vision


Analytics Systems


Business Intelligence


Natural Language Processing

AI&Machine Learning opportunities that give competitive advantage today and enhance your progress in the long run.

How to get the most of AI&ML versatile opportunities in different business areas?


Prevent fraud, receive reasonable predictions for credit decisions, get detailed and accurate forecasts for risk management and trading strategies. Personalize your customers’ banking self-help experience with AI-powered chatbots.

Retail & Ecommerce

Implement automated intelligent agents and virtual shopping assistants, create the most relevant recommendations for cross-selling and upselling, boost your sales detecting perfectly targeted prospects.

HR Tech

Grow the productivity of your HR department by matching CV’s to jobs without HR specialist involved, request pre-interview questions through chatbot, estimate candidate’s potential in a long-term perspective and schedule meetings with AI-driven assistant.


Save time and costs with automation of warehouses and shipping processes including self-drive vehicles and smart roads.


Raise the accuracy of diagnoses and identify disease within a blink of an eye, fasten meds development and personalize treatment plans.


Get complex insights about your audiences, estimate customers’ readiness, predict LTV, automate your campaigns relying on insights about interests and customer behavior

How we build our workflow.


Business needs, processes & IT infrastructure analysis

At this stage, we learn all about your business and define optimal technological solution that matches your business goals



We select models for predictive analysis to support chosen business processes, develop process map for automation and pick the data for training.



We create a working predictive model based on collected data and process map and show how it works with generation and interpretation of predictions.


Implementation and maintenance

We integrate Artificial Intelligence with your system and support it future work with measurements of prediction accuracy and impact on business successes.

Our technologies expertise for AI and Machine Learning development

Core values and principles that we work by.


Open and empathetic towards your business


Transparent about our processes and fully focused on your business goals


Deep analytical work and accurate project estimates from day one


This is going to be a long-lasting relationship not only with this project but with my other future business ideas too.

Donald Dumisani Mabuza
CEO, Sinethemba Group
Donald Dumisani Mabuza

It's been 4 years since we working with Amcon, we developed a lot of solutions, we created a lot of projects. Our customers are delighted.

Alain Bied
CEO, BroadTeam
Alain Bied

The key moment in our work with AmconSoft was their understanding of my business and their strategy in product management.

Maksim Kurtov
CEO, Treasure Island
Maksim Kurtov

As a result, I've got a great website, that exceeded my expectations and tasks I've set from the beginning.

Platon Lazebnik
Co-Owner, Motorrad
Platon Lazebnik

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