• Client: Guy Taxi
  • Location: Guyana
  • Period: 5 months


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Guy Taxi

The idea behind GuyTaxi is to optimize the taxi companies' work, develop their system, and provide an optimal digital solution for clients.

The client requested to help small taxi companies develop their business with a modern digital solution that automates operational tasks and promote their services within one brand. Now GuyTaxi is a component system with two interrelated functional modules.

Overview / Functionality

Mobile app for passenger:
Every Customer Profile is given a unique Pass Key/Code that is logged by the Admin to ensure a safe journey and we have a record of it if people go missing. As the Driver approaches the Customer, the Customer App states “Your Taxi is Here” within a 100-meter radius. While in Driving, the Map shows the route that was predetermined by the Customer and the progress of the ride

Overview / Functionality

The screen also shows the Rate Calculator as it progresses into the ride. The Rates are determined as follows: a starting fee of G$300 as a base rate for a maximum of 2900 meters, then every 200 meters after that the rate calculator will update with increments of G$20. When reaching the destination point, the Bottom Tab should state “Rate the Driver” and a total of the fare should be given on the screen

Requests sent by the Customer are delivered and send to Drivers in the area of about 3 kilometers radius.

Dropdown menu options include:

  • Profile
  • Saved Destinations/Favourites
  • History
  • Logout

Mobile app for the driver:
The option number we provided is a possibility for each driver to get a 1 Hour Free use every day. It helps to boost confidence in purchasing a subscription if they see that the free hour can give them a lot of customers. The company will then provide them with a link to Mobile Money to pay for this service.

Each driver has a profile page where their personal information is stored. With registration, each Driver has to provide with their Full Names, the make of the car, and their license plate number. Also, it should have 3 upload areas to submit a Face Picture of the Driver, a Picture of their Valid Drivers License and a Picture of their License plate number. This will ensure the drivers that use our App are not fraudsters and we have valid information about them to provide the customer with a safe and reliable service.


Web Platform


Adaptive Design


Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1

Delay and failure of chat messages

Challenge #2

Interrupting functioning of GPS tracker

Challenge #3

Desynchronization of customers and drivers counters

Sollutions #1

Implementation of internal notifications that maintain continuous activity

Sollutions #2

Syncretization of clients and drivers counters using WebSockets

Solutios #3

Usage of WebSockets for a chat solution


  • + 10 taxi businesses joined the system in South America
  • Increased revenue up to 35%
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