Software Source Code Audit Services.
Why code review & audit is important?

To discover code bugs, disclosure violations, or other source code errors we suggest performing a software source code audit & review. The result of a successful audit is bug-free, easily-maintainable software. Check the main reasons for running the code audit below.


Software created by humans might contain some mistypes, business logic flaws, architecture bugs, etc.


The corrections made during the development process eases the work process despite the corrections made after the project readiness.


Audit source code saves much time and money at the very beginning before the software went public

Goals of source code audit.

Detect and explore insights about
the hidden security bugs

Prevent cyber attacks and issues
with compliance regulation

Minimize errors before
the final software release

The core benefits

Our developers perform a complex of actions to improve the program code quality. We review a list of architecture and other errors that might influence the app's performance. It’s vital to perform a code review to assure the high qualityof the source code and prevent it from crashes.

Early Stage Detection

Revealing the security risks performs in the early stage of software development.
We help to perform code review and audits during the development lifecycle.

Boost Security

We help companies to meet security standards, boost defenses, increase the
company reputation, and user reliance.

Efficient Testing

Source code review is not just checking the readiness for release and production.
Code review saves time on testing and helps in picking the right methods.

In-depth Project Analysis

Spread knowledge about the project, understand the project logic better
while reviewing it in real conditions.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Revealing violations that could be utilized for obtaining access to your software,
and decrease risks of compliance penalties.

Code Quality Maintenance

Code review is not always about errors and mistakes. We help to make code
clean and workable while arranging the software source code audit.

Why AMCONSOFT Software
Source Code Audit Services?

Our team follows the primary guidelines of OWASP Code Review Guide, as we do in web & mobile apps, wireless networks, but adjusted to this kind of analysis. After composing some automatic tests, our consultants analyze manually to omit fake positives. Once everything is analyzed, we prepare the final report with solid and detailed information.

Phases of the source code audit

Authentication &

Audit Records

Cookie Management

Correct PHP Setup

DevOps Security

Input Data Validation

Audit Source Code

Permanent reviews are vital for getting a smoothly working product. Sometimes businesses don't spend much time and effort on tech audit, which became costly then. We at AMCONSOFT are willing to help with launching bug-free software within the next simple steps below.

Start Your Code Review with AMCONSOFT in Seven Easy Steps!

Step 1:

General Overview

Gathering general information, the list of main features to be reviewed, stats about issues, both suggested fixing, and significant ones.

Step 2:

Code Metrics

Data about the principal code metrics and their calculation provided by code reviewers, e.g. Cyclomatic Complexity, Class Coupling, etc.

Step 3:

Architecture review

Report about the solution – how the core is constructed, the list of modules, architecture principles, and patterns. Solution code should follow Object - oriented analysis and design (OOAD) or SOLID principles.

Step 4:

UI review

How UI is implemented from the code aspect. We check if the solution follows the style’s guidelines for a particular platform.

Step 5:

Tests review

An analysis of unit tests, tests’ quality, code coverage. Reviewing the crash conditions, code legibility, speed of execution, etc.

Step 6:

Code Quality review

Includes data if the code should be simplified, if it’s poorly explained or if there are any other difficulties with code.

Step 7:


Includes the report of recommended fixes and improvements, the sequence of changes, and the estimated resolution time.

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What’s next?

Learn how we can apply software re-engineering after a source code audit

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