What are MVP and PoC Development?

Based on a Lean Startup philosophy, MVP and PoC development are focused on how to validate your biggest assumptions and minimize the biggest risks. Those will be different for every company and product:


For early-stage startups, product development from scratch might be costly.

The best way to find out if customers willing to pay for this product is PoC (proof of concept). At the basic stage, PoC for startups does not need to be a perfect looking and fully-featured app or even involve code. Only a few features will be enough to test the idea.

For Established businesses

Opposite from the startups' established businesses is willing to launch a new product and more interested in how the customer will measure the value from the product.

They already have enough money to launch the idea, and they are willing to run live testing for their solution. MVP development will help them to maximize learning while minimizing risk and investment.

You should think of viability in two ways:

  • Providing enough of an experience to show value to your customers,
  • Providing enough information to you to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

Proof of Concept

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We are testing the product idea, understanding the users' interests, test hypotheses.
Get feedback at the minimum featured product, identify and resolve the product's weaknesses.
Product readiness
Main purpose
Test the idea
Test the minimum-featured app
Measure of success
Your idea is feasible
The market is ready to embrace your product.
Focus group
Internal stakeholders
Real users
2-3 weeks
2,5-3 months

MVP development services:

If you’re confused about which MVP to develop. We suggest checking out the next types of MVP developmen services. Decide which one escribes best your business demand.

Market research
Customer development
Idea validation
MVP development
MVP: No coding
Product strategy

We perform market research and analysis to confirm and improve your business idea. We help to understand the customer's needs from the outset, reduce the risks, better understand the ways to reach out to the target market.

We help to identify your customers and figure out how to meet their expectations. We discover, test, and validate many ideas whether a product solves a problem for a specific group of users if the market is large enough to support such a product, and whether or not the startup can scale to meet demands

We use a Lean methodology to test the idea before the initial tech development. We check if the idea fits the target market to bring valuable products. As the result, you will get a clear understanding of what is in need of your customers.

Get the fully-developed MVP to test your assumptions on real users. The complete MVP development lifecycle is similar to on-demand product development, but with fewer app features.

We make web and mobile apps "without code". Also without technical docs, QA army, and hundreds of hours of meetings. Only using any of the available tools for building a ready product in less than 2 weeks.

After you’ve gained positive feedback from the users it’s time now to move further and grow the business. We help to opt for the most appropriate tech stack, develop a business model, build a monetization strategy, create stable and scalable architecture.

Benefits of MVP and PoC development

When you have a brilliant idea but not sure if it worth spreading.
Or when your business is about to push a new product but not sure if it will be the right solution for the target audience.
Then MVP product development and PoC are the best options to start with.
Our team specializes in MVP development services for startup businesses.

Tests Hypotheses & Features

Leads to a More Desirable Product

Saves Development Time

Lowers Risks&Cost

Optimizes Investments

Speeds Up Time to Market

To Code or Not to Code?
That is the question.

MVP no coding is your real web or mobile app "without code".
Drop us references or simply describe the idea and functionality, and in less then two weeks get the working app.

MVP “no-coding” offers the next advantages:

Omit technical docs, QA,
and hours of meetings

Working app in 2 weeks

Saved time and money
on development stages

Ability to test hypothesis
with working product

Faster go to market

Team and customers got
brand new user experience

Want to know more about our approach, terms and prices?

How do we apply MVP development?

Saved time and money on complicated development stages.
You will get a working app in less than 4 months.
The only thing you will need for checking the solution is to run A/B testing with a real product.


Project documentation




Coding & QA




Support & Maintenance

They started with an MVP.

INN Logist

SaaS ERP solution including desktop, web and mobile app.


Market Research and Analysis

  • We figured the market needs
  • We reconsidered the initial concept
  • We turned the system into a SaaS product

Idea Validation

  • We tested hypotheses with specific experiments
  • We interviewed users and defined the optimal concept

Customer Development

  • We suggested a new user-friendly architecture
  • We defined that MVP should consist of web platform and mobile app

MVP Development

  • We created: Web Platform & Driver’s app

The results

  • We helped to increase company revenue by up to 25%
  • The company got 40 more partners from Europe.


Full Stack Software Development for Broadcasting Software


MVP Development

  • We created the software and a database in MySQL and an API.
  • We did the back- and front end development

Development Stages

  • Technical Specification & software development.
  • From a project management standpoint, we used Scrum and Lean practices

The results

  • The customer engaged 6 additional media partners and over 100 individual contributors.

Our tech stack
The best technologies to fit your requirements:


This is going to be a long-lasting relationship not only with this project but with my other future business ideas too.

Donald Dumisani Mabuza
CEO, Sinethemba Group
Donald Dumisani Mabuza

It's been 4 years since we working with Amcon, we developed a lot of solutions, we created a lot of projects. Our customers are delighted.

Alain Bied
CEO, BroadTeam
Alain Bied

The key moment in our work with AmconSoft was their understanding of my business and their strategy in product management.

Maksim Kurtov
CEO, Treasure Island
Maksim Kurtov

As a result, I've got a great website, that exceeded my expectations and tasks I've set from the beginning.

Platon Lazebnik
Co-Owner, Motorrad
Platon Lazebnik


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