Transport Management System Automation

Traffort is the advanced TMS for logistics companies to manage operational processes.






6 months

Supply Chain business consulting


Conduct a comprehensive supply chain business analysis that covers core company process analysis, the variety of used management tools, amount of fleet, the current software, and people.

The customer’s company has centers with complex routing, the specificity of which required not just system implementation as well as the configuration and applying significant changes of the business processes.

Customer request.

Optimize the transportation company work applying tech unity on the transport and warehouse processes. The company is required to automate document management, order management, transport management, apply cost reduction and spend optimization on transport.

Business Сhallenges & Results.


A large number of employees, non-standardized planning methodology, constant manual human errors


We analyzed company's transport department budgeting model including:

  • Budgeting forms modification
  • Cost analysis
  • Budget execution and implementation of changes
  • The payroll of the transport department,
  • KPI and motivation model for employees
  • Work schedule of drivers, forwarders, dispatchers, and others.
  • Effectiveness of communication between departments

Then we created a single dispatch center in one location. It ensured control over compliance with the quality of planning, reduced cost on financing company staff.


  • 5 - 17% reducing payroll costs while maintaining the same quality level
  • 20 - 30% employees satisfaction improvement

Different planning methodologies and transportation principles.


We reduced company costs by implementing standardization of transport planning methodologies and algorithms.
These changes performed transportation route planning based on company Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals.


  • Designed and implemented workflow that produced a 37% reduction in time spent on manual work

Needed a complex IT solution to proceed with a large amount of data including:

  • The parameters and types of transport,
  • The time windows of clients' availability without affecting the manual human processes, to eliminate inaccuracies in working with the database.


We analyzed company's:

  • Route planning
  • Existed delivery models
  • Idle vehicle runs
  • Delivery windows
  • Carrying capacity
  • The profitability of regional warehouses
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Transport turnover
  • Level of logistics services.

Transportation management system developed to manage data automatically. All information about the vehicle fleet, cargo, client time windows, etc. is systematized and imported into one system. When planning flights and transport routes, the system automatically assigns the appropriate transport considering possible customer restrictions.

The system follows similar standards and formats when flinging the database. It excludes manual human errors, so planning managers no longer need to remember the specifics of a particular customer/car/order.


  • 5 - 30% reduction of delivery times
  • 5 - 25% reduction of transport downtime
  • 99.9% increasing the level of transport service
  • 10 - 15% reduction in the number of idle runs

The use of several planning tools caused additional synchronization with the third-party services for proper work management. Among the used tools are GPS, WMS, Trafficban, Ruptela, maps with information about traffic jams / accidents on the roads.


We integrated the transport planning system with other systems, set all the necessary supporting information and applied additional filters necessary in planning.


  • Reduced cost and time spends to 30%

Process automation planning


We analyzed company's:

  • Current transportation types
  • Freight terms, volumes, and cost.
  • Product packaging
  • Access roads to loading points
  • The efficiency and types of own and hired transport
  • Drivers work schedule
  • Carrier performance criteria
  • Methods of charging hired transport
  • Routes by own and hired transport
  • Downtime of vehicles
  • The profitability of rate for each freight

Then we suggest the optimal cost optimization route for your transportation company. We implemented an automatic and manual planning system. The system's algorithms offer the cheapest possible solution, taking into account the added constraints.


  • Increased the load factor of each vehicle up to 96.4%.

Offer a solution for the analysis and monitoring company’s resources related to fleet management and cargo transportation.


Implemented online monitoring of transport processes on maps, in the diagrams view and interim reports. It allows online monitoring the execution of logistics processes or planning results analysis.

  • Based on the inforrrmation received online, the manager may influence the vehicle route; able to accelerate or optimize the delivery process.
  • Based on statistics, the company management applies the decisions on the changes implementation that affect the company revenue growth.


  • Integrated operations of three separate business units which reduced man-hours by 30%, grew revenues by 38% and increased profits by 68%.

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