Healthcare CRM system

Subscription based CRM system for acupuncturists with single access point and interactive 3D model of the human body.





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AcuCharting is developed to record specific needle locations within the human's body. This 3D model allows acupuncturist with a fingermove to manipulate an precise anatomically-accurate human model. AcuCharting follows HIPAA guidelines for client safety and security. Only registered users have access to the practice and data is stored on an encrypted and secure server. Following HIPAA guidelines, we created the necessary features so that your business remains HIPAA compliant.


The main idea behind this specialized CRM is the demand for interactive and functional medical record keeper.


We brought this idea beyond these expectations by implementing 3D model of human body for visualization of treatment process.

Web Platform

Admin dashboard

AcuCharting is created for iPad only to record “appointments” with clients. The application allows to create an account for each client and get information about the booked visits.

Mobile Platform


3D human model is a key feature that allows recording pin locations from the appointment via swipes. To run 3D model control features we applied SceneKit. Another option for users is a possibility to add, edit/delete notes for each appointment as text, audio, photo, or a drawn image.



The main tasks we had to solve were related to the implementing tech challenges:
- Create interactive 3D model
- Allow data synchronization between iOS and Web apps
- Apply Encryption of confidential data (medical secrecy, patients personal details, payment details, etc.)


3D model was created by means of Cocos2d for iOS and WebGL for Web app. Big data approach was applied with usage of Dinamo DB for encryption
AWS server was chosen for hosting. All data is stored in Amazon S3 Repository.
System remains HIPAA compliant and approximately +120 therapists joined the service quarterly.

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