Platform for ordering ambulance transportation

Door-to-door medical transport ordering service to various private clients, business, federal, state and local government agencies.




New York


5 months

Overview focuses on ambulette transportation for various private clients, business, federal, state and local government agencies. This company has been in business for over 30 years. They already provided transportation to over 100 thousand client with over 2 million trips. The reason they requested our assistance was to simplify transportation ordering system and optimize the time spends on pick up.


Hospital stuff is unable to proceed incoming requests immediately. Company expended the fleet twice and requested to develop the platform with automatic transportation services. Similar to taxi software, patients are able to order medical transport within the nearest location.


Ambulette allows hospitals reduce transport-ordering times to less than 45 seconds. While increasing the efficiency of pick up services the platform allows requests for all levels of medical transportation services. Customer is planning to include air ambulances, but now platform serves ground ambulances, wheelchair van services and ride share services.

Web Platform

Web admin dashboard

For hospital administrators, the app will streamline transfers. Through the app analytics, they will check real-time patients’ transportation journey. Platform is able to connect more transportation providers to increase the efficiency of ambulance pick up service.

Mobile Platform

Mobile view

For application users the new app will revolutionize the transport-ordering experience. Automatically and securely patient information import, select the appropriate level of transport, real-time route tracking, intuitive map with the available nearest hospitals.



Company performed approximately 100 pickups monthly, bu the real number of requests is higher. Moreover, sometimes vehicles got into accident and it's hard to define the exact location for quick vehicle exchange.


Platform cut the time to go live with medical transport ordering twice. Reduced time spends on transport ordering increased the trips number from 100 to 300 monthly. App also helped to manage the possible accidents in real-time and exchange vehicles on the go. Real-time vehicle tracking allows to get accurate data about the ride status and expected arrival time.

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