Online web-platform for car rent

Aggregator which works with 3 vehicle providers where a user can opt for a car based on the specific requirements.






Jun-August, 2016


GoGoFlorida is a web-based car-sharing aggregator. The business model allows car rent from the trusted companies in Carribean coast. The idea behind current platform was to simplify car search, add possibility to rent vehicle online with the direct payment. The list of vehicles from car owners contains any car model for rent, even exclusive ones. The platform does not limit rates and conditions. Customers can negotiate the rules with the car owners, including hourly rates.


Our current customer decided to upgrade his website because the old one had fewer features. Moreover, the old technology stack didn’t allow adding new functionality and required a complete upgrade.


We created aggregator based on 3 different sources into a complete search result for the customer. Developed referal system, applied the use of coupons and implemented discount program. To allow in app payments we integrated PayPal (Braintree Payments).

Web Platform

Desktop view

We developed a mobile-first website according to client’s business flow. We have integrated with third-party vendors’ code to apply some UI/UX-friendly features. We created an API for a car-sharing web platform to ensure the business flow will work smoothly.

Mobile Platform

Mobile view

We applied search filters for car location, models, conditions of rent and distance calculations for personalized car search. The integration with the local payment systems PayPal (Braintree Payments) added more flexibility in choosing the right payment method.



Car-sharing platform functionality had to correspond with users’ expectations. There were required third-party integrations also required the thorough check of the car rental website features.


A rent system is now working from a newly developed website where users can select the required vehicle, apply a discount coupon, participate in the referral programs. The updated UI ensures better and faster navigation, which attracts more customers. Company reached a stable monthly growth in 25%

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