Distribution TMS software for wholesale with logistic module

Advanced on-demand B2B system for associating small businesses to general suppliers.






Jun-Oct, 2016

#PHP-Laravel #Typescript #Angular 4 #Javascript #PostgreSQL #Ionic


The original idea for the project was to develop supply chain management system for customers retail business places. But with the demand for business automation solution the concept was reconsidered into open B2B platform for small business as customers and global suppliers as partners.


Create a multivendor marketplace for unlimited sellers, controlled by one admin company. Allow for easy signup of new vendors and intuitive setup of new internal shops. Create scalable platform able to monetize vendor sales through sales commissions.


Vervechka enables a network of individual shop admin panels for vendors to sell through an online marketplace. Each vendor can sign up and create unique brand page with the list of own products. The customer admins allow individual permission levels and access for each vendor.

Web Platform

Admin dashboard

- Schedule and automate replenishment of commodities;
- Supply routes building;
- List of suppliers;
- Catalog;
- Settings;
- Chat management options;
- Order management;
- Reports.

Mobile Platform

Mobile app

- List of suppliers;
- Catalog;
- Cart;
- Order submission;
- Chat;
- Mutual ratings system;
- Search with filters;
- Discount system;
- Online reports.



Tech issues with plugin validation during development, Angular layout porting through Ionic, application builds on Android 5.0 and 6.0. Lack of documentation for project modules description. Inconvenient UI/UX caused low number of new users and occurred decrease of current customers.


Fixed tech issues and improved UI/UX. These changes lead to numerous individual vendors who started market and sell their products through the Vervechka online marketplace. The client increased commissions by 15% from steady supplier and customer growth. Within the first year after release customer engaged 6 leading Ukrainian suppliers as partners.

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