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Treasure Island




6 months


Treasure Island is a ERP system which consists of a set of modules available to users in accordance with their roles. The main modules can be divided into the following categories: Clients, Orders, Products, System Users, Finance and Statistics.


Customer requested to reduce the need for buying and maintaining multiple software systems, enable all the departments to perform various functions simultaneously. System should be easy to maintain and save the time on routine processes.


We created ERP system with a set of modules: Clients, Orders, Products, System Users, Finance and Statistics. All departments are able to perform simultaneous work, export data, view real-time analytics and stats, create reports in a minutes, etc.

Web Platform

Orders module

Using this module, a user can filter the necessary products, quickly view important information and add them to the customer's basket, or save the order and create his own lists of several products for quick sales. Collect the necessary data and choose the appropriate payment method, including in installments. Section Vouchers contains a list of customer orders (vouchers) for the following product categories: excursions, shopping, arrivals, departures, debt vouchers. Each voucher consists of the voucher number, program date and time, program description, PAX, customer contacts, seller details, order price. In this system user can add a new voucher, edit it and search for a voucher by the specified search parameters.

Mobile Platform

Clients module (mobile view)

Customer's module contains a list of all customers added to the system, their contact information, details of their vacation (location, PAX, the amount spent on the purchase), the source of their contact with the responsible travel agency contacts. We added possibility to add new clients and edit the data of existing ones.

Tablet Platform

Finance and Statistics module

Invoices contains a list of paid invoices broken down by partners, sales managers, online managers, agencies, guides and drivers. This Section allows you to create, add new invoices, edit them, as well as search for specified search parameters. Payment orders contains a list of payment orders broken down by partners, sales managers, online managers, agencies, guides and drivers, agents and clients.This Section allows you to create, add new payment orders, edit them, as well as search for the specified search parameters.
Interest section. System will help to create reports on the whole performed financial operations.

Web Platform


The user can create his own unique product in the system, create a program with services from partners or add his own, indicate interesting locations, necessary transport, duration, make a schedule, pricing and cancellation rules. You can also create multiple packages in a product with different sets of programs to choose from.

Tablet Platform

System Users

This Section shows a list of all registered users and contains the following information: name, phone number, e-mail, available role. We also added section Academy with training materials that should be followed by system users in accordance with their role in the system.



Company asked us to develop only those modules that apply to their business requirements. We created one system for all departments and structured the overall workflow process.


This ERP system eradicated labor-intensive manual processes, made data collecting more efficient and accurate. System also made the control of contracts with hotels to discuss optimal conditions, of vouchers for reservations and invoices.

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