• Client: InnLogist
  • Location: Europe
  • Period: Oct, 2016 - Now


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InnLogist Request

Originally, the project was supposed to be private digital enterprise solution with several operational modules.

But the concept was reconsidered and the system turned into SaaS product that is offered to companies on subscription-based model.

Overview / Functionality


Multifunctional logistics service. The system allows to automate and optimize operational activities and make profitable transactions for various participants of the logistics process.

Based on Machine Learning technology, the system learns to separate parts of a large order to specific specializations and distributes requests to the most appropriate participants. Based on the collected data for all partners, their prices and quality, and system information, a single price chain is formed and the best option for order execution is selected. INN.LOGIST finds the best solutions and provides shipping using innovative algorithms, with transparent cost and safety.

The module for transport companies allows you to monitor the work of staff, including drivers. Track the location of your own, or partner transport and cargo. Use the power of electronic document management, receive alerts about required documents, use templates and receive electronic signatures.

Product consists of web platform and mobile application.


The logic of order exchange

The following algorithm is used for car searching:

  • In case the customer selects "obligatory" registration of vehicles with the DRIVER APP application, an order notification is sent only to companies that are most suitable for order conditions within 30 minutes and are within a radius of nn km (search radius can be adjusted) from the set point.

Place of loading

Day of load

Category of order

Rating level

Performance of transport

  • Then the order in the system becomes visible for all users (referring to those registered in the DRIVER APP application and at the appropriate level of the rating)

Web Platform

Real-Time Order Management

Main page is displayed as a general list of orders. The information is shown in abbreviated form, main points: date, customer, route points, cargo, transport and order status. This section displays current activity for orders.


Orders history


Order creation


Order processing visualization


Order processing visualization


Cargo location

Drivers and Logistic Management

The system allows to create user profiles of logisticians, drivers and other departments of the company with their contacts. In the logisticians offices, all current information on transactions, their financial and KPI indicators are recorded. Drivers' data on mileage, idle and working mode, fuel consumption and additional financial costs are recorded. According to this information, the reporting documents and overall picture of the company's balance sheet are formed.


Adding staff


Various positions


Contacts and accesses

Client Management

All customers of the company who have once applied to the logistics partner are displayed in this tab. Customers are also added manually. The information is displayed by the list, when you click on any client, the expanded information on it opens.


Cargo and Vehicle GPS tracking

Transport tracking via Driver App or GPS Navigator (if it is available in the car)


Orders history

Key indicator analysis and reporting

The ability to constantly analyze company data.


Analytics includes reports on companies


Analytics includes reports on deals


Analytics includes reports on logistians


Analytics includes reports on drivers

Driver’s app


Vehicle profile with the assigned driver


Order Processing and History


Real-time status update


Online document flow, File upload


Online document flow, File upload



Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1

Issues with integration of custom external GPS tracking service

Challenge #2

Set up of payment gateways

Challenge #3

Integration with external order accepting systems

Challenge #4

Integration of coordinates from various GPS providers in one stream

Solution #1

Creation of custom bridge solution with external double socket connection

Solution #2

Setting of direct interaction with 1C spreadsheet data by means of Socket server

Solution #3

Integration of “Portmone” “LiqPay” “PayPal” payment gateway API

Solution #4

Data acquisition through partners API and appliance of parsing logics


  • + 40 partners joined the system in Europe
  • ^ increased revenue up to 25% as the result of workload optimization
  • + 40 partners joined the system in Europe

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