Custom solution for delivery app

Door-to-door custom delivery app that connects customers with local couriers, who receive and deliver goods from any restaurant or shop in a city.


Delivery Serv





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Delivery Serv is an on-demand delivery app that connects customers with independent local couriers, who receive and deliver goods from any restaurant or shop in a city. The request was to get full-cycle product development for improving the delivery process in Lithuania. The customer wanted to improve service by making it quicker and more enjoyable, helping the customers save time on a trip to the supermarket/restaurant/shop and spend it on more important things.


We needed to solve the next tasks:
- place orders easily;
- assure secured payment gateway;
- implementing order tracking;
- order management tools to driver, etc.


We created a pickup and drop model by integrating one touch pickup and delivery buttons for enhanced UI. With navigation spanning across two touches, we developed an intuitive design for selecting the destination options.

Web Platform

Interactive map

We deployed the interactive map option where nearest driver will get the notification about the delivery along with the nearest pickup point and delivery address. Drivers are given some time to accept the order and that one who is reacting quickly will accept order quicker.

Mobile Platform

Order management

Once the order is completed driver is notified. User will also receive the alert the user about the delivery status and the driver details. Driver gets additional 10 minutes to deliver the order. User sees how much time will a driver take to reach to delivery address. And after the delivery will have been completed, the user will be able to rate driver.

Dispatch Platform

Location management

Admin is able to manage locations by adding the working hours and other additional conditions for customers. When user is about to order within the specific restaurant, he will see additional details and described options.

Dispatch Platform

Online dashboard

The system allows to see the couriers’ activities in real-time. Te orders statuses are also available within the app where managers can quickly address the courier to the order which is on hold for more than 5 minutes. Managers can creae and manage the individua analytics for each courier.

Dispatch Platform

Real-Time Curiers’ Management

Managers create couriers’ profiles manually. User’s feedbacks after the order is complete give accurate data regarding te courier perfomance. Ech courier has own rate and can check the individual success score. The best couriers are priced with the additional bonuces.



We developed platform from scratch and requested to create scalable platform for future improvements. At first company was aimed to gather 20 restaurants and 20,000+ users.


We created easy-to-use interface, applied map integration, automatic fare calculation, and payment gateway integration. Company got 6,090+ companies and individual traders registered, 70,540+ people served, 87+ orders handled per minute.

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