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Custom software development solution for taxi companies designed to automate operational tasks within one digital system.


Flip Taxi




Mar, 2017 - Now

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The idea behind Flip is quite simple - to help small taxi companies develop their business with modern digital solution that automates operational tasks and promote their services within one brand. Now Flip is component system with three interrelated functional modules.


Customer had two main objectives: optimizing the business’s operational efficiency through software and improving customer service and communications. In terms of customer service, we were tasked with creating ways to loop in user feedback within the system.


First, we consulted customer about his goals and the process. Then, we prepared the product documentation and created a dispatch system as a SaaS solution. After that, we developed the ERP system for integration with the dispatch system. Then, we built customer-facing apps for iOS and Android.

Web Platform

Admin dashboard

- Real-time orders feed;
- Form for manual order creation;
- Automated distance and cost calculation;
- VoIP solution for class;
- Multichannel chat;
- Blacklist management;
- Interactive directory for customers and employees;
- Orders history;
- Report module.

Mobile Platform

Mobile app for passenger

- Registration;
- Trip planning and submission;
- Instant order to current location
- In-app payments for rides;
- Drivers location tracking;
- Chat with driver;
- Settings (basic);
- Rating system;
- History of rides and payments.

Tablet Platform

Mobile app for driver

- Order acceptance;
- GPS navigation on route;
- Counter for mileage and down time;
- Chat with managers within general system and passengers;
- Settings (basic);
- Rating system of clients;
- Blacklist of clients;
- History of orders and transactions.



Customer requested to assist with creating a working business solution for taxi business. Some issues at first were related to the tech side, for example interrupting functioning of GPS tracker; desynchronization of customers and drivers counters; delay and failure of chat messages.


Our work contributed to an increasing in the number of orders accepted by the taxi business. This influences the growth of financial indicators by more than 50%. The company can now receive direct feedback from customers, so it can offer better customer service than it could before. The customer can now spend less time on strategic planning and more time on running the business.

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