Custom solution for taxi business

Uber-like app development for drivers and passengers.






#Java #Swift #PHP #Angular #Google Maps SDK #FB API #Socket.IO #Twilio


We received a request from a client who wants to transform the idea into a working business. team set up a strategic development process, shared expected business model, revenue streams, etc. This helps us get a clear understanding of their expectations and create a primary project roadmap. While we were working on the project map our expert business analyst worked closely with the customer and analyzed the application requirements, identified project risks and created a comprehensive development plan.


The idea behind was an on-demand taxi platform for drivers and customers. wanted to give riders the freedom to negotiate with the taxi drivers. Drivers should be able to counter bid on the offers, so both sides are gratified with the ride price. The app also had to feature map integration for best route options, automatic fare calculation, and payment gateway integration.


We created easy-to-use interface for both customers and cab drivers. We applied map integration, automatic fare calculation, and payment gateway integration. The GPS integration within the app is robust enough for the customers as well as the cab drivers. So both sides may find each other whenever required. The flexible rates allow negotiate and apply the best price within the platform.

Web Platform

Desktop dispatch console

Real-time order acceptance and distribution; Display and management of drivers’ location, Multichannel chat, Blacklist of customers, Drivers ranking system; Orders history with filters; Integrated Payment module and Financial analytics; Automated reports

Mobile Platform

Mobile app for passengers

Every Customer Profile is given a unique Pass Key / Code that is logged by the Admin to ensure a safe journey and we have a record of it if people go missing. As the Driver approaches the Customer, the Customer App states “Your Taxi is Here” within a 100-meter radius.



509+ taxis and drivers registered
10,540+ passengers served
67+ bookings handled per minute


4,090+ taxis and drivers registered
70,540+ passengers served
87+ bookings handled per minute

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