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Android TV is a launcher for variety of popular TV channels, sports broadcasts, movies as well as audiobooks and podcasts.


Android TV




8 months

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Android TV is a version of the Android operating system designed for digital media players. The Android TV user interface provides content discovery and voice search, content display, a collection of different media apps and services integrated with Google Assistant, Cast and Knowledge Graph. Android TV is an adaptation of the Android operating system for set-top boxes and as integrated software on Smart TV hardware.


The main task that we faced was to write applications for Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This platform does not include third-party libraries and is fully available. One of the problems was the poor interaction of many third-party video players with live video broadcasts. Before development began, multiple studies were conducted using various streaming video playback systems. The only video player that performed well in terms of frame rendering and video streaming was ExoPlayer.


We implemented the video Player into this application, a menu for selecting programs both in live mode and in recording mode. The ability to choose your favorite programs. The ability to set an alarm for your favorite TV programs. A non-linear scrolling feature has also been developed. With this scrolling, the scrolling speed grew to 32x, the main problem was the smooth display of frames before viewing. With their instant download without slowing down the main video stream.

Web Platform

Web view

Android TV supports voice input, search across multiple services, Google Assistant support. All Android TV devices support Google Cast to cast media from supported apps on other devices to Chromecast. Android TV supports software from the Google Play Store, including multimedia apps and games.

Mobile Platform

Mobile view

The Android TV home screen uses a vertically scrolling string-based interface, including a "content discovery" area filled with suggested content, followed by "Watch Now" lines that display multimedia content from installed applications. We implemented analytics for collecting errors, since the system should work well on various types of devices.



This application required the proper work with Google Android TV. For adaptation we used a library developed by Google Leanback. Since the project is a White Label the use of development libraries has been simplified to further quality maintenance.


The customer requested to create a platform similar to Megogo with the variety of popular TV channels, sports broadcasts, movies as well as audiobooks and podcasts. Platform contained over 240 TV channels, 13,500 movies and series, live broadcasts of concerts, festivals, sports, and cyber sports events.

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