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March 9, 2020 | 12:03


Real-Time Delivery Route Optimization for Delivery Business

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world. From smart factories to self-driving cars, the impact of artificial intelligence can be felt in all areas of life.

Even though it is just the beginning, a lot of money is being poured into the growth of Artificial Intelligence software. The transportation industry is no exception. In fact, AI is expected to make immense transformations in the transportation of people and goods. For example, there is a rise in the production use of autonomous truck services. AI is particularly useful for the delivery business because it provides real-time schedules for transportation.

In short artificial intelligence can enhance delivery route optimization. With so much competition in the transport business, the best way to stay on top is by using software that facilitates the delivery process. Let’s get deeper into dynamic route optimization!

What is Route Optimization for Delivery?

Real-time route optimization involves using technology to make smart decisions about how to deliver products to the desired location faster and more economically. It allows a logistics company to use real-time data to analyze the best routes to use.

Delivery truck route optimization also takes into consideration the driver’s schedule. Analytics give your logistics company the upper hand when it comes to delivery strategies. Route optimization is not only beneficial for customers but drivers as well. Drivers can access the fastest route for delivering goods that customers order. This also reduces costs on your part.

Delivery route optimization system software generates the fastest routes that drivers can take. It provides real-time data about all possible circuits of travel. It puts you in a better position to prepare for any changes due to traffic flow. You can analyze driver availability and traffic conditions before deciding which delivery route is the best to use.

Methods to Optimize Route Delivery

Planning deliveries is not an easy task. Often, you may encounter problems that lead to changes in the schedule and delivery routes. So what is the best way to optimize route delivery and why route schedule optimization is important?

1. Invest in route planning solutions

Instead of planning delivery routes on paper, use the software for dynamic route scheduling. It allows you to make deliveries to customers in less time and reduces overall costs. While manual planning takes hours, delivery software will generate the best route in less time. All you have to do is input a pickup point and a destination, and the software will do the rest.

A delivery route planning software gives your driver the most efficient routes after analyzing all current conditions. The real-time dynamic routing software customizes functionality to suit your specific business needs.

2. Get feedback from drivers

It is always a good idea to get input from drivers. Their insight may prove useful and help you improve delivery in the future. They can help you to:

  • Identify the main problems on routes;
  • Create better delivery schedules;
  • Assign drivers routes they are familiar with.
  • 3. Reduce paperwork

    An effective way of staying organized is by using delivery management software. Dynamic route planning software will provide updates on routes, track a vehicle, and inform you of completed deliveries. Delivery management software allows you to get rid of unnecessary paperwork with customers and drivers. It will lead to record time deliveries and can show proof of delivery.

    4. Reduce risks

    Juggling between drivers’ performance, changing traffic conditions, and customers can create a lot of room for errors. The delivery route optimization algorithm can help you reduce mistakes by optimizing the entire delivery process. You can then focus on priorities and let it plan out the route without worrying about errors.

    5. Minimize costs

    A flexible solution is important for a delivery business. You should be able to make quick route adjustments based on real-time input. An optimized route will allow you to identify any potential issues and prevent losses.

    Delivery Route Optimization Software

    Scheduling delivery route optimization software is going to reduce costs, improve planning, and increase your overall revenue. There are so many delivery route optimization platforms that you could use. While they may differ, the core functionalities remain the same.

    1. Route plan visualization

    Planning is very crucial to delivery optimization. So you should be able to visualize a route that puts you in a better position to make decisions. Route plan optimization allows you to see each client stop.

    You also have access to the driver at each stop and updates on routes. This information helps you to effectively plan for the delivery or pick-up of packages. The software allows you to understand each route and make fast decisions is ideal.

    2. Route optimization algorithm

    Without an algorithm, there wouldn’t be route optimization. Optimization gives you the shortest paths so that you can reduce delivery time and costs. An AI route planning algorithm helps you find the quickest route after considering factors such as drivers’ speed, road conditions, traffic flow, and load capacity.

    A good algorithm will work according to your business needs. That way, you can have a real-time route optimization that is as reliable as if you designed it. And unlike picking routes manually, you will save yourself time and costs. An algorithm doesn’t take control of you. It is only a tool that assists and enhances your job.

    3. Driver app integration

    Creating an optimized route is not the end. Unless drivers can access this route, it won’t be effective. Route optimization software should include an API for drivers. That way, you can provide drivers with an optimized delivery route. What does a driver app do? It shows delivery routes, necessary stops, and proof of delivery.

    4. Live to track

    In the delivery business, not knowing where your driver is can be nerve-wracking. Delivery software provides live tracking so that you can search for the exact location of the driver in the selected route. Even if there is a delay, you will understand where the driver is and see how it will affect other stops on the route.

    5. Analytics and reporting

    The best way to stay competitive is through analytics and reporting. You should be able to track delivery operations. It will be easier to determine routes that could benefit from improvements, which can reduce costs and improve delivery time.

    Mobile Applications That Can Be Used in Route Optimization

    Mobile applications have a huge role in business. For example, there are almost 2.9 million mobile apps on Google Play Store. Mobile applications for route optimization are the favorite tools because they are accessible, easy to use, provide task tracking, and reduce costs. So what are some of the best mobile apps for route optimization?


    This is an intelligent location solution that provides route planning, activity tracking, and geofencing capabilities. MapAnything also recommends the best action to take for guaranteed business growth. The cost of using MapAnything is $490/month/user. Users can download the free version as well.

    Chenzon GPS Fleet Management

    Chenzon uses a GPS software to track all essential features and services. That way, you can provide live updates about where drivers are and how long until customers receive products.

    This delivery route optimization app also comes with tools that allow you to collect feedback and make the delivery process easier. You need to pay $7.99 per month to use this application. There is also a free version.


    With this mobile application, you can make a route online. You can include multiple locations. All that is required is to input your address, find the best route, and export it to GPS. Then you will have a live map with multiple stops and driving directions. Users need to pay a one-time payment of $14.95. You can also opt for the free version.


    Route4Me provides route optimization for delivery enterprises and smaller businesses. This app allows users to create and manage optimized routes within seconds. Users also have access to live tracking, performance records, and return driving direction. The starting price is $99/month, although there is also a free version.

    Road Warrior

    This app allows you to create and dispatch routes for drivers. You can also track progress and get updates on routes throughout the day. There is a free version of Road Warrior for drivers available for both iOS and Android devices. This app is good for small businesses. The price is $10/month/user.

    Final Thoughts

    Package delivery route optimization is crucial for your business. Using software to plan delivery routes helps reduce costs and time on the road. While there is so many route delivery optimization software on the market, the best are the ones that improve planning, provide live tracking, and allow you to access reports.

    The software should also provide an app for drivers, which makes dispatch easier. Improve your relationship with customers by choosing the quickest routes and deliver products on schedule. So if you want to be successful in the transportation industry, you need to invest in route optimization apps.

    AmconSoft is experienced with designing delivery route optimization software. We will create software according to your business needs. Call us or send an email for a free consultation today!


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