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Custom real-time route optimization software can help to spend less time delivering products and save money for business. Route optimization software will allow your company to deliver more goods timely. Advanced technology can change the delivery system and make it fitter to the customers’ needs.

Route schedule optimization features are based on the number of possible stops, the type of delivered products, and the company size. It will help the business owners spend less on fuel as the program will choose the most optimal delivery method and decrease labor costs. An essential goal for the modern logistic industry is to develop delivery truck routing software. 

This article will introduce route optimization for delivery, discuss the advantages of dynamic route optimization and explain how to use mobile apps for route optimization. It will also provide practical advice on choosing the company for developing advanced software for the delivery businesses. 

What is Route Optimization for Delivery?

Real-time route optimization involves using technology to make smart decisions about how to deliver products to the desired location faster and more economically. It allows a logistics company to use real-time data to analyze the best routes to use.

Delivery route optimization software will solve all the delivery problems customers usually have. First, it will advance multi-stops and multi-driver routes, which will save time. Second, this software will also monitor the road to prevent unexpected situations on the highway, send updates on shipping the customer’s packages, and prove delivery by photo fixation. Also, the delivery route optimization algorithm will plan the delivery based on the vehicle size, capacity, and optimal time.

Delivery truck route optimization also takes into consideration the driver’s schedule. Analytics give your logistics company the upper hand when it comes to delivery strategies. Route optimization is not only beneficial for customers but drivers as well. Drivers can access the fastest route for delivering goods that customers order. This also reduces costs on your part.

Delivery route optimization system software generates the fastest routes that drivers can take. It provides real-time data about all possible circuits of travel. It puts you in a better position to prepare for any changes due to traffic flow. You can analyze driver availability and traffic conditions before deciding which delivery route is the best to use.

Advantages of Dynamic Route Delivery Optimization

Planning deliveries is not an easy task. Often, you may encounter problems that lead to changes in the schedule and delivery routes. With custom dynamic route optimization software, the customers will have the accurate expected time of delivering the product. It also has better management of unexpected scenarios in shipment packages to clients. So what is the best way to optimize route delivery and why route schedule optimization is important? 

Increased customer satisfaction level

The customers’ expectations for getting a product delivery changed in the last few years. For business, the most significant goal in relationship with clients became focused on increasing satisfaction from getting products. The best delivery route will ensure on-time delivery, product safety, and step-by-step monitoring of clients’ shipments.

Instead of planning delivery routes on paper, use the software for dynamic route scheduling. It allows you to make deliveries to customers in less time and reduces overall costs. While manual planning takes hours, delivery software will generate the best route in less time. All you have to do is input a pickup point and a destination, and the software will do the rest. A delivery route planning software gives your driver the most efficient routes after analyzing all current conditions. The real-time dynamic routing software customizes functionality to suit your specific business needs.

Dispatch Track

The road optimization app allows customers to track the delivery from the shipping facility to their homes. Dynamic road scheduling will forecast the optimal time of delivery. It makes communication with customers more straightforward and transparent. The software also allows customers to make editions to delivery place, time, and instruction in real-time. The decision to develop a real-time dynamic routing app is a real investment in the relationship with customers. 

Better Management of Unexpected Scenarios

It can be many unpredicted situations on the road that will cause the disruption or delay of the products’ shipment. Delivery route planning software development can prevent the worst scenarios by proposing the best solution for each route crisis. If the vehicle were broken down with customers’ orders, the route optimizing system would plan the replacement by another less-workload car from the fleed. In this case, all the products will be delivered with minimal delays. For accurately optimizing delivery routes, businesses need to develop truck route planning software.

Offer Accurate Stop Sequencing

Delivery road scheduling software can minimize all unnecessary stops by optimizing the workload of the fleet. The software analyses all the data from the vehicles’ roads and plans the most efficient delivery method. Logistics road optimization by accurate stop sequencing will decrease the time drivers spend on a highway and fuel costs. 

More Utilized Resources

It is almost impossible to use static route planning nowadays. Transportation route optimization software development is focused on using data for considering all the factors for route planners. If the company builds route delivery software, they can plan a delivery road for each order in the most accurate way. The workload of the route, the size of the products, and the type of vehicle can influence the most efficient way the program will find.

Delivery Route Optimization Software

Scheduling delivery route optimization software is going to reduce costs, improve planning, and increase your overall revenue. There are so many delivery route optimization platforms that you could use. While they may differ, the core functionalities remain the same.

1. Route plan visualization

Planning is very crucial to delivery optimization. So you should be able to visualize a route that puts you in a better position to make decisions. Route plan optimization allows you to see each client stop. You also have access to the driver at each stop and updates on routes. This information helps you to effectively plan for the delivery or pick-up of packages. The software allows you to understand each route and make fast decisions is ideal.

2. Route optimization algorithm

Without an algorithm, there wouldn’t be route optimization. Optimization gives you the shortest paths so that you can reduce delivery time and costs. An AI route planning algorithm helps you find the quickest route after considering factors such as drivers’ speed, road conditions, traffic flow, and load capacity.

A good algorithm will work according to your business needs. That way, you can have a real-time route optimization that is as reliable as if you designed it. And unlike picking routes manually, you will save yourself time and costs. An algorithm doesn’t take control of you. It is only a tool that assists and enhances your job.

3. Driver app integration

Creating an optimized route is not the end. Unless drivers can access this route, it won’t be effective. Route optimization software should include an API for drivers. That way, you can provide drivers with an optimized delivery route. What does a driver app do? It shows delivery routes, necessary stops, and proof of delivery.

4. Live to track

In the delivery business, not knowing where your driver is can be nerve-wracking. Delivery software provides live tracking so that you can search for the exact location of the driver in the selected route. Even if there is a delay, you will understand where the driver is and see how it will affect other stops on the route.

5. Analytics and reporting

The best way to stay competitive is through analytics and reporting. You should be able to track delivery operations. It will be easier to determine routes that could benefit from improvements, which can reduce costs and improve delivery time.

Mobile Applications That Can Be Used in Route Optimization

Mobile applications have a huge role in business. For example, there are almost 2.9 million mobile apps on Google Play Store. Mobile applications for route optimization are the favorite tools because they are accessible, easy to use, provide task tracking, and reduce costs. So what are some of the best mobile apps for route optimization?


This is an intelligent location solution that provides route planning, activity tracking, and geofencing capabilities. MapAnything also recommends the best action to take for guaranteed business growth. The cost of using MapAnything is $490/month/user. Users can download the free version as well.

Chenzon GPS Fleet Management

Chenzon uses a GPS software to track all essential features and services. That way, you can provide live updates about where drivers are and how long until customers receive products.

This delivery route optimization app also comes with tools that allow you to collect feedback and make the delivery process easier. You need to pay $7.99 per month to use this application. There is also a free version.


With this mobile application, you can make a route online. You can include multiple locations. All that is required is to input your address, find the best route, and export it to GPS. Then you will have a live map with multiple stops and driving directions. Users need to pay a one-time payment of $14.95. You can also opt for the free version.


Route4Me provides route optimization for delivery enterprises and smaller businesses. This app allows users to create and manage optimized routes within seconds. Users also have access to live tracking, performance records, and return driving direction. The starting price is $99/month, although there is also a free version.

Road Warrior

This app allows you to create and dispatch routes for drivers. You can also track progress and get updates on routes throughout the day. There is a free version of Road Warrior for drivers available for both iOS and Android devices. This app is good for small businesses. The price is $10/month/user.

How AMCONSOFT improved last-mile delivery operations with custom route optimization software?

In the case with GuyTaxi, the goal was to build a real-time route optimization app and provide an option for riders to negotiate with drivers, integration with maps, automatic fare calculation, and payment integration. Let’s look at all the development solutions for app optimization provided by AMCONSOFT. 

1. Route plan visualization

AMCONSOFT applied previous experience in creating delivery routing software for small businesses in the case of GuyTaxi, the route plan visualization was the optimal solution for clients’ needs.  This feature was built for truck routing optimization and drivers’ progress in completed and skipped stops. GuyTaxi wanted to track if the drivers made a completed, missed, or behind schedule stop. The admin has the cars’ live tracking on the screen: the green cars in a timeline are a complete stop, red – uncomplete, and yellow – the stops behind schedule. This monitoring allows optimizing drivers’ plans and a rider’s waiting time. 

2. Route optimization algorithm

All the delivery planning software development is focused on searching for the most efficient way for the driver—the same optimization algorithm AMCONSOFT used for GuyTaxi. The program allows you to put all the stops you need to make, and the algorithm will find the fastest and cheapest route. The app analyses thousands of variants in real-time, using the data on traffic jams and road repairs. 

The GuyTaxi algorithm is efficient for riders who make more than one stop. Optimizing delivery routes is a logistic feature that makes the business more confident in the quality of trips.

3. Driver app integration

To create a dynamic route planning software, the developer needs to integrate all the order changes into the app. In GuyTaxi case, the drivers, clients, and the managers have all the actual notifications on the trips.

GUY Taxi

First, the notice will inform the customer of the time the car will arrive. A few minutes before arrival, the clients also will get a notification from the app. The driver and customer will get the message on completing the trip. Finally, if the driver or client canceled the trip, the app will also send a notification. Those types of route optimization systems through app integration make the trips more clear and transparent.

4. Live to track

Not all the time, clients put the correct address into the app. It can be old, incomplete, or not existing. In the case of a few stops during the trip, the app needs to change the wrong addresses to plan the most efficient route. GuyTaxi uses a live-to-track option for geocoding the location. The solution was created to integrate Google geocoding API, which is the best for the business. 

At the same time, the software allows clients and drivers to track the trip in real-time. With this feature, the customers can predict the time of the last stop quite accurately. 

5. Analytics and reporting

GuyTaxi also wanted to use analytics for business strategy planning and build route delivery software, and AMCONSOFT delivered the ability to download all the analytics and reports into the files. The admin can choose in the dashboard what information he needs for analytics. It can be the duration of trips, the routes, time, or final stops locations. The data from the dashboard can be downloaded into spreadsheets. 

In product delivery, the data spreadsheets can be customized by the organizational size and types of orders. It is crucial to understand how to develop dynamic routing software to fit all the customers’ needs.

Read full case study: Platform for taxi business

Final Thoughts

Package delivery route optimization is crucial for your business. Using software to plan delivery routes helps reduce costs and time on the road. While there is so many route delivery optimization software on the market, the best are the ones that improve planning, provide live tracking, and allow you to access reports.

The software should also provide an app for drivers, which makes dispatch easier. Improve your relationship with customers by choosing the quickest routes and deliver products on schedule. So if you want to be successful in the transportation industry, you need to invest in route optimization apps.

AmconSoft is experienced with designing delivery route optimization software. We will create software according to your business needs. Call us or send an email for a free consultation today!


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