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Car rental can become a beneficial and profitable business model if you provide him with competent promotion using modern technologies.

Today, creating a car rental mobile app will become a way of improving the company’s service and will provide regular advertising of services at no additional cost. Owners of car-sharing companies and owners of taxi fleets may be interested in this. The application is also useful for customers because this is proof that car rental is cheap, profitable, and convenient.

Hertz Car Rental: an Example of Success

Hertz Car Rental

So, on September 22, 1918, Walter Jacobs decided to open his own company in Chicago. To do this, he acquired several used Ford (model “T”) and brought them into proper shape.

The short-term car rental service has become in demand. The company grew, and five years after its foundation, John Herz decided to join it. This new co-owner gave the car rental company a new name (Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System) and introduced a signature black and yellow color. However, after some time, the name became different – The Hertz Corporation.

Over the past 30 years, Hertz has been actively using the latest technology. In 1984, the Computerized Driving Directions sensor system appeared in rental cars to select the best route. Since 1995, the company’s vehicles have used the modern onboard navigator NeverLost in the United States.

The company’s team is rapidly upgrading and introducing innovations, for example, develop an app for car rental to pay by bank transfer.

Not surprisingly, such a strong position allowed us to characterize the company as a world leader in the car rental market. And to this day, the company continues to operate in a car rental niche called The Hertz Corporation.

Car rental apps: hire a vehicle with a comfort

app to rent a car

So, let’s look at the Hertz example to develop an app to rent a car. Hertz’s primary goal is to help the user find the closest car rental locations near his or her company. This service is available in the United States and other countries where the company has offices.

Using the application, the user can set the order parameters by selecting:

  • Town
  • When to return the car
  • When to get a car
  • Based on this data, the system calculates the price, shows available vehicles in a range of price categories. Further, the user selects a suitable vehicle for price, comfort, and size.

    Based on this data, the system calculates the price, shows available vehicles in a range of price categories. Further, the user selects a suitable vehicle for price, comfort, and size.

    And if you need additional conditions: GPS navigator, child seat, pet carrier, just order this as an option for an additional fee. And so, you only need to provide contact details and pick up your car.

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    Benefits with the Car Rental App

    car rental app

    Hertz demonstrated that the app is not only convenient but also practical. Now companies are trying to create a car hire app with more features:

  • The gallery of cars with prices and additional equipment will allow you to pre-select a suitable vehicle.
  • Prepayment via the app will speed up the process of concluding a contract and will provide a 100% guarantee that the client rents a car.
  • An interactive route to car rental will allow you to quickly reach even a client who is first in the city.
  • Some apps even offer to order the delivery of a paid car to the airport, train station, or anywhere else in the city will increase the frequency of making full prepayment by customers.
  • Companies also implement a loyalty program in their apps, motivating customers to use car rental services again and again.
  • car rental app

    So, an app can contain several options that will increase the level of customer loyalty and, consequently, the frequency of their calls to the company. Along with this, the company demonstrates the ability to automate the process of informing customers about services and promotions.

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    How to Develop a Mobile App for Car Rental?

    Competent developers use a sophisticated approach to start a car rental app. To begin with, you need to understand who orders such an app: an established company or a startup. When it comes to the company, the developer compiles the application taking into account all the established processes of the company. Simply put, the app is customized for the company. Apps for startups are aimed at finding travel companions, drivers, or car rental.

    The second necessary factor in creating the app is the target platform. Most developers are limited only to Android and Apple, while other companies offer a solution even for Windows.

    And of course, application development involves the introduction of mandatory functions:

  • API. APIs are not ready-made solutions, but an environment, an interface for creating projects. Based on the API, developers further integrate all processes and functions.
  • Registration. For this, as a rule, certification from a Google + or Facebook account is offered. Or the user is prompted to enter a phone number.
  • Maps and navigation. The selection of plans takes into account two criteria: a region and a platform for maps. It is recommended to use cards explicitly created for the Android Base or iOS.
  • Means of communication and notification. Usually, these are SMS and push alerts. To improve the service, car rental company owners are trying to add options for additional orders. This eliminates the need for users to exchange contacts.
  • Payments and transfers. To integrate payment, developers of mobile applications for car rental and taxi ordering use systems like Google Wallet, WorldPay, or Apple Pay.
  • Profiles and rating system. The importance of this item should not be underestimated. Thanks to the rating system, the user can evaluate the service. As for the profile, it can assume the necessary information: photo, name, phone.
  • Design. Everyone relies on convenience and simplicity. And this is the right decision to develop a mobile app for car rental. The user must see and understand how to get what he or she needs.
  • Rental history. This is a reflection of the last rent: how much was paid, how long the car was rented.
  • Also, taxi services often have two separate applications: for ordinary users and drivers.

    Prices and Dates

    How does a car rental company start? The first thing, of course, is to secure funding. Financing is distributed for the purchase of vehicles, their equipment, insurance, the implementation of an operational IT platform, the hiring of staff, etc.

    In the modern world, car rental has become possible primarily due to the development of technology. Therefore, the technological component is an integral component that companies care about from the first days of the project launch.

    So, in the matter of application development, the client agrees with the developer on the timing and cost of developing a car rental service app.

    Development time, on average, takes 3-4 months, but it all depends on the specific order. If we break down the whole process of creating an app, we get the following:

  • Design Development: 1-2 weeks
  • Mobile Client for 1 platform (IOS or Android): 2-3 months
  • API: 2-3 months
  • Admin Panel: 2-3 months
  • QA: 3-4 weeks
  • As for the price of the issue, such work will cost from $ 12,000 to $ 15,000.

    For you not to have problems with development, try to find out everything about the executing company:

  • Offer to fill out an order brief.
  • Learn about their approach to project implementation.
  • Chat with the team.
  • Request a portfolio, ask about their tools, methods of work.

    Five Steps to Start a Rental Car App

    Any professional company for the development of the mobile app, in particular for car rental, operates in stages. So, how should the client and developer interact:

  • The customer sends an application for connecting the system by e-mail or by phone.
  • The possibility of synchronizing equipment and software on existing vehicles (assessment by the brand of automobiles) and their systems are assessed.
  • Test installation of equipment and connection to software on customer’s vehicles are carried out.
  • After a positive test result, a training of the staff of the customer’s specialists in working with equipment and in software is conducted.
  • The full launch of the app based on the entire fleet of the customer.
  • Note that behind the seeming simplicity of creating an app, there is a rather complex mechanism that has become real due to modern technologies and the coordinated work of many people.

    Order Your Innovative Car Rental App 

    AMCON SOFT is a team of professionals, specializing in the development of IT solutions for business, which further help:

  • minimize costs
  • increase profits
  • optimize work processes
  • attract leads
  • With our app, the client can rent a car using his smartphone through our mobile application. Using the application, the client can also open, close the car, and complete the rental.

    Before proceeding with the reservation, we talk about our principle of work, clarify details, wishes, and only then calculate the cost to develop a car rental app.

    So, AMCON SOFT is a team that provides equipment and an IT solution for your short-term car rental business, or we will automate your existing car rental business.


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