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The B2B online travel portals allow travel agencies and operators to organize trips faster and cheaper and get more profit. Digital modernization of travel portals is a necessary part of the industry’s future. According to the McKinsey research, the travel industry became the most vulnerable in the pandemic. But the company found positive growth in 2021, which comes with vaccinations and the opening of the borders. At the same time, it means that the industry will have new challenges.

B2B travel booking engines already need to be adapted for the new reality and build in recent travel technology trends. Travel portals allow booking flights, hotels, and advantages all over the world in a few seconds. The ability to request specific travel and include all possible variants and requirements will make travel agencies’ works faster and safer. A real-time positive review in the travel portal makes customers more confident in booking hotel or airline tickets. That is why investments in modern B2B travel portals are an initial goal for travel companies. 

The best travel tech solutions.
The best travel tech solutions.

The benefits of the B2B travel booking engine

The travel booking portals provide an efficient solution for agencies and travelers to search for optimal decisions for trips. It also operates by user statistics reports and makes predictions for the best reservation options for the clients. Using your booking portal is a strategic decision for the travel company. Let’s point out the main benefits and features of the B2B travel portal. 

Travel portals
Travel portals allow you to operate all the bookings in one place.

Bookings management

The travel website for B2B is based on flexibility principles and helps agencies and agents to book the best hotels or tickets in a few minutes. These platforms already analyze all possible options, better dates, comfortable fly stops for the client. When you allow your partners to operate the booking management process online, it helps your business grow. Your sub-agents can book, pay or communicate with customers 24 hours a day from different time zones—all they need for this – login and password that you provide to them. 

Connection with the global travel service provider

Another benefit of B2B portals is connections with global leaders in the industry. The platform is already integrated with top GDS systems and opens an opportunity for you to find better tour packages from international service providers. The cooperation with the well-known world travel websites is a trusted credit for your business. Connections with travel partners in different countries by the B2B platform make your clients more satisfied as you can propose more diverse options for travel. 

Automated booking and confirmation process

B2B travel portals at the same time can save time for research and confirmation. It usually takes much time and paperwork to confirm every hotel booking or car rental. But the problem can be solved by automatization of conformation, which takes a few minutes. At the same time, travel portals often have an online assistant that works 24/7. Travel agencies or operators do not need to wait for the editorial information about the place they are going to book. With the new software, you can also manage the changes in your booking instantly. If you have changes on the fly, the system will also adapt hotel booking and offer better options. 

Customer Support

One of the most critical communication skills with a client is having a two-way conversation with them. It means not only to provide information about the travel but also to answer questions and find better options on request. The travel applications build to afford a high level of customer support. The clients have real-time access to the website and can see all possible decisions for travel planning. It is an essential option for B2B business, as it helps to build a mutual relationship with clients and other agencies. 

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Advantages of tour operator software.
Advantages of tour operator software.

Real-Time Access

The next benefit of using online portals for travel planning is real-time access to the data and prices. The flies’ costs can change every hour, and with an outlet, you can monitor it, search for the best price, and fixate the best cost for your client. Agency saves time for order processing and optimizes the cost. It also allows searching for the best booking cost according to seasoning, local issues, and tour packages. 

Tips for improving interactions with clients in the travel portal.
Tips for improving interactions with clients in the travel portal.


The best interaction with customers is based on finding the most efficient cost for their travel. The cost depends on several factors, and sometimes changing the dates or type of windows view in the hotel room can make a price twice lower. The ability to manage the trip in real-time and compose different variants provide cost-efficient business solution for business. The agency wins when the users get the lowest price for the travel tour package. 

Simultaneously, travel agencies can make more income by building transparent relationships with customers and increasing the number of portal users. It is possible with an automated booking for B2B provided by the software system. 

Digital travel sales.
Digital travel sales. The future of the industry with the e-market.


The travel industry’s future depends not only on the pandemic but also on the inability to implement digital trends into life. It became possible with a B2B portal based on innovative software. It needs to be flexible, adaptive and integrated with global platforms. Customers and businesses are waiting for fast and efficient decisions in booking hotels, flies, renting cars, or planning activities. It is possible to implement with the travel portal, which provides access to millions of databases worldwide. 

The other option for B2B traders is in the analytical framework. The software allows you to search for the best booking decision and use previously collected data for customizing the request. Travel portal helps the business attract new customers and build a broad client base, as an innovative technology in e-marketing can realize any of the clients’ requests. The decision to invest in developing innovative software for travel planning can change the business and make it successful quickly. 

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