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January 19, 2021 | 19:01


In case of a pandemic crisis, retail digitalization becomes an essential step in industry development. eCommerce, new technologies, AI, data science will force the retail transformation agenda in 2021. 

Retail transformation in 2021 becomes unpreventable and changes the lives of millions of people who work in the industry. Communication is the basis of changes in new post-pandemic reality, and the retail industry needs to use new tips for achieving the goals and building relationships with customers. 

How will digitalization change the retail market?

Drivers of Digital Transformation in The Retail Industry

There are no modern industries that were not influenced by digitalization in the last five years. Retail innovations are mostly caused by building mutual dialogue with customers and responding to market trends. There are a few significant drivers that altered the retail store industry

  • The uncertainty because of COVID-19. The market needs to learn how to change and find a solution in short and proximate time. Data-driven technology can make retail problem solving more efficient for customers. Even it can give them the ability to create their decision-based in open data instruments.
  • The level of the supply chain in retail still has challenges. Digitalization and innovative retail technologies can be a powerful tool for solving problems.
  • People used to get information from digital platforms. The retail industry also needs to be involved in communication with customers through different media.
  • The interaction with customers can become more convenient thanks to innovative retail technology. Using AI and data-science tools can transform the industry in 2021.
  • The difference between physical and digital experience became a blur and unfair.
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    Those drivers impact retailing today and will change online and offline business. 

    Trends in retail market
    Photo: The main innovation trends that will influence the retail market in 2021

    3 Tips to Avoid Failures with Retail Digitalization

    Some expert tips can help to avoid a collapse in the digitization process. The industry changes often build in agile technologies, and the market experience can guide the most effective way of improving the retail market. 

    #1 Provide the Value of an Ecommerce Platform

    Customer experience is a critical point in implementing innovations in retail. When improving an eCommerce technology for the company, you need to remember the customers and your product’s value. The appetite to realize all possible digital tools in the eCommerce platform for the retailing business model is not the right product guarantee. Consumer involvement is the best measure for the development of innovation.

    Retail innovation
    Photo: Retail innovation will force changes in the global markets. Source

    Many companies who improve eCommerce platforms are focused on the technology and do not have a propinquity interaction with customers. In this case, the result can be expansive but not valuable for clients. 

    When searching for the development company for the eCommerce platform in retail, the industry needs to pay attention to their products’ value, not only on the desired list of new and featured technology decisions. 

    #2 Focus on Delivery Capabilities Within Retail Digitalization

    Innovative retail stores are hard to imagine without digitalization of delivery. The pandemic forced the process and improved the delivery technologies for all industries. Retail is one of the first to provide delivery capabilities for all consumers. 

    The pandemic changed customer behavior and the ways of delivering products. Chatbots, cybersecurity, and sales forecasting became an inherent part of delivery communication. Checking the delivery capabilities of a service provider is an essential task for retail companies. 

    Stats of retail companies

    Nevertheless, they need to focus on building cloud infrastructure for the eCommerce software platform and security, customizing data, and automatizing AI is integrating the process for personalization. Nowadays, integrated retail is an essential part of market development. The ability to implement digital tips on the delivery process can raise the quality of the customer experience. 

    #3 Follow The Agile Approach

    What is the retail industry for the developments? First of all, the sector is grooving fast and needs an expeditious decision. The best cases in implementing eCommerce platform innovations and digitalization of the market for customer experience became possible with an agile approach. Following the agile methodology in software development can get more advantages for the online retailing industry. 

    First, agile optimizes the development process, and the retail company will have a production result much faster. Second, this methodology provides precise market analysis based on consumer’s experiences. Moreover, with an agile approach for improving and reaching the retail eCommerce platform, the retail company will have happy customers, implementing all the client’s feedback in approximate time. 

    In any case, the decision to follow agile methods in organizing digital transformation in the retail industry will increase the chances to get an excellent product.  

    digital transformation


    The development of the retail market was forced in the last years. All the customers are individuals with their own needs and reflections. They are not ready to stay in line or to wait for the company’s response for hours. 

    New technologies in-store make the consumer’s life more comfortable and open the retail company’s exact dialogue process. More than 90% of people use their mobile devices in stores, a lot of them use to do shopping even without going out from their favorite social media. In the last years, people changed not only the behavior but also the way they shopped. In some situations, the customer’s purchasing history can indicate more about the retail industry than other interactions. 

    There are many ways for digital transformation in the industry. When comparing retail business to service business, we can see many common approaches in software development. Mostly in close interaction with the customer experience and personalization of connections with the store. 

    Digital transformation

    Digital transformation for the retail market needs to re-think interactions with customers and find new business models. The open mind and risk-taking approach of the retail industry leaders will change the game of in-store digitalization. The world in 2021 will not be the same. It’s hard to believe that the business can survive under new circumstances without digital improvement, using data, AI, and other tools. 

    The question is still how to find the right software development and launch the changing process. 


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