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What startups get from work with us?

At AMCONSOFT, we assist with market research, idea testing, exploring the target audience, and developing MVP within tight terms.

As a result, you will get 35% higher revenue from your business, saving money on development which could be spent on product promotion.

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We could help to find investors!

AMCONSOFT is a reliable partner for startup incubators

Thanks to the partnership with the global incubators and accelerators, we assist in finding the first investors from the whole world. For example, one of our partner global incubator Demium works with budding entrepreneurs before they've even uttered an idea. They help to find a co-founder & secure seed investment.

Create MVP with AMCONSOFT, and we will facilitate with further fundraising.

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How do we interact with startups?


Market research and analysis.

We help to understand the customer's needs from the outset, reduce the risks, and better understand how to reach out to the target market.


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  • Defined market size
  • Clear monetization models for typical product
  • Real user reviews


Customer development.

We determine how to meet users expectations, discover, test, and validate ideas whether a product solves a problem for a specific group of users.


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  • Understanding the right market
  • Define the right product features
  • Test the correct models and tactics


Idea validation.

We decompose the idea validation process into three small hypotheses to cover three main risks: if this idea valid; will it be possible to deliver the concept to users; will this idea bring money?


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  • Strategy to validate ideas
  • Separate target audience & communication channels
  • Opt for the required metrics

DURATION: 3-4 month

MVP development.

We move to MVP development as quickly as possible. To reach 85% of the market faster, we use open source solutions, our own pre-made tools, available SaaS services. We gather a dedicated team of developers in consequence with your project requirements. See more


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  • You will get a working product in less then four months.

DURATION: 3-4 month

MVP development (No coding).

We make web and mobile apps "without code". Also without technical docs, QA army, and hundreds of hours of meetings.


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  • Working app in two weeks
  • Saved time and money on complicated development stages

DURATION: 3-4 month

Product strategy.

After you’ve gained positive feedback from the MVP, it’s time to develop a product strategy. We help:
- Opt for the appropriate tech stack
- Generate a business model & monetization strategy
- Create stable and scalable architecture


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  • You will get a list of clear stages to reach the audience.

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They started with an MVP.

INN Logist

SaaS ERP solution including desktop, web and mobile app.

Market Research and Analysis

  • We figured the market needs
  • We reconsidered the initial concept
  • We turned the system into a SaaS product

Idea Validation

  • We tested hypotheses with specific experiments
  • We interviewed users and defined the optimal concept

Customer Development

  • We suggested a new user-friendly architecture
  • We defined that MVP should consist of web platform and mobile app

MVP Development

  • We created: Web Platform & Driver’s app

The results

  • We helped to increase company revenue by up to 25%
  • The company got 40 more partners from Europe.


Full Stack Software Development for Broadcasting Software

MVP Development

  • We created the software and a database in MySQL and an API.
  • We did the back- and front end development

Development Stages

  • Technical Specification & software development.
  • From a project management standpoint, we used Scrum and Lean practices

The results

  • The customer engaged 6 additional media partners and over 100 individual contributors.

Check out the interview for startups.

Know who your customer is” - Interview with Don Hatch, Global Head of Startup Incubation at Demium

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AmconSoft helps us to be more reactive, more dynamic, to take more risk in our development. Because we don`t only have a company that makes us a code, we have a partner we can count on.
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