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Delivery services are widely used by various industries to transport the tonnage of goods worldwide. The transportation industry needs to be customer-oriented and provide transparent and reliable freight carrier companies. What do you know about freight international providers? Are you keen on the type of freight shippers? Let’s explore the varieties of largest private trucking companies you might never hear about.

The Types of Freight Carrier Companies

Freight Carrier Companies

The freight carrier companies promote the cargo to the final destination using ground shipping, ocean shipping, air shipping, railway shipping. Here are the main types of the freight carrier for management cargo delivery process:

  • The fastest freight services with the lowest capacity are air freight. For the cargo weight, more than 100 lbs the air shipment is a good choice. Among the well-known list of the largest trucking companies in Canada, we can highlight Air Canada Cargo, Cargojet, AllCanada Express. These companies are reliable representatives of the freight transportation system with high-quality services and equipment.
  • The next freight carrier services called less-than-truckload (LTL), which means that the company combines multiple shipments for one road, but with different LTL freight. The reason to use such type of load is to minimize transportation expenses, especially when the cargo weight is less than 15,000 lbs.
  • For companies, LTL freight carrier is cost-effective, because they pay only the part of the van and get lift gates, shipping options, and indoor delivery. Here are some of the largest trucking companies in the USA, such as YRC Regional, ABF Freight System, Southeastern Freight Lines, Estes Express Lines.

  • The last type we will explore is a full truckload shipment (FTL). The best size for such shipment is more than 15,000 lbs, but the usually transported amount is 43,000 lbs. This is the most equipped type of load where specific types of goods are managed by the electronic climate control. Among the main FTL US largest trucking companies we would mention Prime, Schneider National, Werner Enterprises, C.R. England.
  • The next type is called partial truckload and proceeded medium-size freight carrier. The current type is suitable for enterprise companies to deliver all kinds of cargo including overweight load, refrigerated load, and temperature-controlled load.
  • How Do the Largest Trucking Companies in the World Work?

    The freight carrier companies work as the between line between the enterprise companies and the final consumer. Their main responsibility is to ensure the proper delivery process including storage and shipment.

    Besides the delivery process, freight carrier companies take the last word on choosing the best cost for their services. Why do they influence market prices? Because they form a fast and reliable route to deliver the goods to the end-user in time. Here is the list of services offered by them:

  • Packing services
  • Trucking storage
  • International import and export documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance policy
  • The freight carrier services ease a lot of things for enterprises starting from packaging goods. The packaging process usually takes much time and effort, thus services reveal the pressure from businesses. 

    Which Modern Technologies and Software Helps Freight Transport Companies?

    It’s hard to imagine advanced freight carrier services without proper technology usage. What trends are leading in the transportation industry?

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning

    The main competitive advantage for the largest trucking companies is given by the machine learning technologies which analyses users’ data and suggests the best way to apply to reach the goal within the shortest terms. Machine learning algorithms help in turning the passive data into the target business actions. For example, after checking the thousands of routes, machine learning will suggest the best way to deliver products and the fastest among others.

    IoT, or the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things consists of a database, a chip, a reader, and GPS cloud-based system. These elements are interacting with each other and pass users’ data with each other. IoT technology is a good way to track shipments and their conditions. There is no need to scan barcode every time to recheck the items, the technology does it automatically 24/7.

    Cloud-Based Solutions

    Real-time data exchange

    Cloud-based web and mobile apps will allow us to exchange data in real-time, pass it from one device to another with the minimum time spends. Such quick automatization enables freight carrier companies to help any size of businesses to manage their delivery in real-time.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    The combination of human traits (responsibility, experience, customer service) with the automatic robot vision is creating a more intelligent, fast, and reliable delivery process. Artificial Intelligence in logistics will help to ease routine work, by raising productivity.

    TOP-3 Companies Among the 100 Largest Trucking Companies

    Here we gathered TOP-3 representatives from the global list of the 100 Largest Trucking companies that don’t fall behind the technological progress and implement modern technologies.

    UPS Inc.

    Among the largest trucking companies in the USA market, we would highlight the Seattle supply chain company which was founded in 1907. UPS Inc. is a worldwide logistics company that serves a global market including distribution, transportation, ocean freight, ground freight, air freight, financing, insurance, customer brokerage.

    FedEx Corp.

    The next sample among the largest US trucking companies was founded in 1971. FedEx Corp. uses machine learning algorithms to optimize the delivery organization processes and the overall workflow of the shipment company. The company collects real-time data and helps managers to automate processes, apply faster decisions, and improve work’s quality.

    XPO Logistics

    XPO Logistics is a good sample of advanced implementation of supply chain technologies to improve trucking quality. The company proves that technology will help to build stable relationships with customers who are sure that their shipment is safe and constantly managed.

    In Conclusion

    We at AMCON SOFT follow the latest technology trends and apply them to the companies we are working with. Recently we implemented blockchain technology to one of our client’s trucking companies with the aim to ensure safe transactions distributed among the computers in a given network. This technology guarantees safe financial operations and protects sensitive data from third-parties.

    Using advanced technologies for small and large trucking companies will solve numerous issues with transportation. If you still have some questions and want to learn more about advanced tools to improve your business, contact us.


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