Our solutions are designed to optimize your critical business processes

Digitizing and speeding up internal processes

Customer retention and satisfaction

Reducing operational costs and growing revenue

Increase of business profitability and effectiveness

Systematization, data storage and administration

Omnichannel approach, optimization of sales and marketing funnels

Support and development of CRM and ERP

Extensive experience and deep understanding of business processes help us connect to your team effectively for rapid development and support of your CRM and ERP systems.

The technical background and optimal tech stack help us create innovative solutions for integrated control systems based on the best global automation practices for medium-sized and large enterprises.

CRM and ERP development from scratch

The development of a successful software solution for CRM and ERP systems by our team is based on the goals, objectives of a business and understanding of market trends. This approach helps us draw up a right development strategy at the start and deploy the solution effectively at the deployment stage.

No matter how unique needs of your business are, we will help you find a solution for them.

Our innovative solutions will take your business to a new stage of development

By using a tailor-made software solution you can speed up your internal processes and build customer relationships based on your business’ needs.

Higher effectiveness

Save and process vital data on your clients all in one place. Automate daily work and eliminate repetitive processes so your team can focus on key business objectives. Track your company’s KPIs.

Resource economy

ERP and CRM system development takes far fewer resources compared to the ongoing use of ready-to-go tools that are on the market today. Custom software development is an investment that helps reduce costs for maintenance and fixing errors in the long run. Since all business activities are closely connected within the software, it's easier for different departments to interact and react to any business performance issues that take place.

Standardized processes

Effective ERP and CRM systems have to be developed according to the best practices and needs of your business and niche. Standardization and automation of business processes help you improve cooperation between different departments and mitigate the risk of errors. Increase the effectiveness and accuracy of your reports by using reliable and credible data.

Data safety

ERP and CRM systems allow you to manage access levels for different users and detect unauthorized activity. This software is built on a single repository and input system model, which provides a high level of security and improves accuracy and congruence between data. The database automatically creates data backups while cloud systems ensure its servers are secured 24/7.

Flexible customization according to business needs

One of the most important advantages of ERP and CRM systems is their modular design. A lot of ready-to-go solutions offer loads of features that your business might not need. Custom software development is able to give you a system that isn't overloaded with unwanted functionality and offer only those modules that you actually need. Set up and personalize a system to your business’ needs, for any time you might need it.

Planning and reporting

Business effectiveness greatly depends on the accuracy of the reporting system — take into account trends and metrics needed to build reports that match your needs. By doing so you will achieve substantial progress in planning while finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your business processes, or company in general.

Our tech stack is fine-tuned to solve any business goals at all levels of complexity

We can either improve your existing system or develop a custom software solution from scratch.


Our successful projects


Marketplace platform for wholesale with logistic module

Key business objectives that we solved

  • Manual correction of default settings
  • Replacement of default libraries with customly developed ones
  • Manual optimization of Ionic styles
  • Multiple application checkouts on physical devices
  • Tech challenges

  • Ionic instability and lack of documentation
  • Cyrillics recognition failure
  • Issues with plugin validation during development.
  • Issues with Angular layout porting through Ionic
  • Issues with application builds on Android 5.0 and 6.0
  • Technology used

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Typescript
  • Angular 4
  • Javascript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ionic
  • The results

  • Engagement of 6 leading Ukrainian suppliers as partners
  • 40+ small businesses already joined as customers
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    Our flexible cooperation models are designed to meet any goal, regardless of its complexity

    Fixed Price

    Set tangible goals and only pay for the results. If you want to develop a complete project and have a clear investment of time and money.

    Dedicated Team

    Hire a team of certified developers. The best choice for a project with changing requirements and tasks, but with a specific ultimate goal.

    AmconSoft — more than just a software company

    We come up with a custom development plan based on your unique set of needs


    Deep dive into your business

    We always begin with studying your business objectives and pooling together your current and future goals. This approach guarantees high product development personalization — from planning to deployment


    Implementation and deployment

    To achieve a high-quality outcome, each project has its own dedicated team of developers, business analysts, and QA engineers. Our support specialists are here to back your business up at each and every development stage.


    Implementation and deployment

    To achieve a high-quality outcome, each project has its own dedicated team of developers, business analysts, and QA engineers. Our support specialists are here to back your business up at each and every development stage.

    30+ successful projects

    We use a mixture of cutting edge tech knowledge and ideas put forth by the clients to take their business to a new level of performance

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    Offices in the USA and Ireland

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