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Running a startup requires a sharp marketing ability so as to produce effective growth and get distinguish yourself from the competition. From this article, we will discuss how to market your startup i.e. from the strategies and connecting with the audience to measure your success and make adjustments.

Step 1: Make A clear strategy

market strategy

Marketing strategies differ from one startup to the other but the goal stays the same which is to have successful marketing strategies. Marketing strategies include 4 key principal components: audience, budget, goal, and marketing research.

Set goals

Building a strengthened house needs a strong foundation so as a startup. In the early stage of the business, your goal must be clearly defined because this may define your success. Most startups set their goals under 1 of 2 categories: raising awareness of their brand and getting new customers.

  • Raising brand awareness. Starting a new business may be challenging because it is important to introduce your business to potential customers. You must be able to clearly inform your potential client about your services, what you offer, and what sets you apart from your competitor. Prioritizing your efforts on brand awareness, your goals, marketing strategies may develop the recognition of your logo, brand, and product.
  • Getting new customers. Making the acquisition of new customers a priority can be the key to success. This may lead to the subscription of so many new customers to your platform, You should keep them active to convert them to paying customers. To reach this goal you must be sharp on your strategies of marketing to be able to grab the attention of massive people who can engage with your business.
  • Define a clear target of your audience 

    As quoted above it is better to build a strong foundation before building a strong home, so finding an audience for your startup is the primordial step before developing the strategy. It is crucial for your marketing to reach the appropriate people. As you develop the product think of whom the product can fit or who can be a potential client and branch it out.

    While developing our product here are the main questions that must be answered to be sure to have the appropriate audience.

  • What makes your product single out or unique?
  • What do you offer your potential customers?
  • Why should a customer choose you over your competitors?
  • If you are a B2B, would your product be more beneficial to the business of a specific industry or of a certain size?
  • If you are a B2C, does it make sense of choosing an audience based on their demographics, interest, or location?
  • Define your budget

    The marketing budget of a startup company is affected by multiple factors i.e. revenue forecasts and operational costs. The amount of money doesn’t depend on the effectiveness, so a wiser approach must be done. Stay focused on your goal, don’t spend our marketing budget uselessly, and be open to marketing adjustments.

    Seek a place in the market

    Setting yourself apart from the competition can be the main goal you must have. Having a product that isn’t unique or doesn’t offer a specific experience can be a handicap for your success. Make sure to do thorough research on your competitors and other products for you not to fall into the common pitfalls. This will help you do your marketing with maximum confidence. Fruitful thorough research into the market will reveal info on the demand to suit the market and then you may get into action.

    Step 2: Researching Your Potential Clients on the right channel

    We have outlined 5 essential channels from which you may reach your potential audience:  

    target audience research


    Email marketing is an efficient method of constructing a close relationship between you and your audience over time. Make you collect emails of all your website visitors, this will help you inform them of your latest updates on your products, services, and everything that can interest your audience to amplify their experience with you. You may ask for additional information from your audience and even link with their contact so as to form a network of potential clients. 

    A website

    A proverb says you can’t sell anything without communicating on your product. Websites are principal marketing tools that can communicate with the audience all time i.e. informing and communicating with the audience. Get a domain name that links to your audience or maybe to the city to which you are limited to.

    Social media – online promo 

    Social media has become a world sensation almost everyone is connected to a social network. The growth of social networks these days has led to an increase in marketing plans through advertisement. Social media can create a direct relationship between you and your audience. You may create posts, ads, etc. and even schedule their publication so as to fit with your agenda.

  • Facebook and Instagram have more than a billion users around the world. This is a huge opportunity to touch the maximum amount of potential customers at your fingers. With these tools, you may target some specific factors that may target a specific audience such as the age range, location, or preferences.
  • Twitter ads provide numerous options that may help you increase the visibility of your company thus driving people to your website, attracting new followers, etc. you may target demographics, interest, and location thereby following their keywords based on their tweets.
  • LinkedIn ads: it gives the startup the opportunity to create a network with like-minded professionals. They offer the possibility to target a specific collection of people like people who work for a particular industry and offer particular services.
  • Link your brand to influencers: web influencers or bloggers may be a good way to make your product visible to a high range of internet audience.
  • Offline promotion

    Online marketing is the main focus of some startups while offline is mostly neglected. Here are some tricks on how to make a quite decent offline promotion.

  • Sending postcards: sending postcards can be a good way to stand out over the competition, this is giving something physical to your audience to inform them of your new offers and product. This is a great way to widen the list of contacts and even promote sales and reductions.
  • Get people talking: word to mouth promotion is simple and is effective especially when you strive to give them the best unique experience they can have in their life. They may inform their co-workers, families and friends, relatives, etc. to inform them of the experience they had thus providing you an appropriate and diverse audience.
  • Meet your audience i.e. go to where you can find them. Networking can be the most effective way to promote your product. Be on the lookout to have face to face interactions with people who may find some interest in your product. Attend fairs, cultural events, entrepreneur conferences in our local area or the targeted location.
  • Create brochures, business cards, or flyers: Having a physical promotion you may share with people who may become your potential audience like a business card, brochure, or maybe flayer. This is a convenient way to make a great impression and inform your new folks about what you offer. Of course, your cards must be designed to attract people; with your logo, motto, and contact, sometimes you may drop in some sales to attract more people. This will help you create a network of contact.
  • Content marketing

    Focused on making content marketing and sharing on platforms like blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and articles to get a target audience. Coupling this with all the above methods may help you make an efficient marketing result. This content making should provide valuable and relevant information about your product. Overtime content marketing may provide cost-efficiency tactics leading to benefits for your business.

    Step 3: Measure the success of your startup marketing campaigns

    Generally, startups have a limited amount of funds and capital available for the marketing plan. So it is very important to be sure all dollars spent are well spent and produce successful results. Here are 3 ways to use the data information collected during the campaigns.

    Set and track your marketing KPIs

    Key Performance Indicators are metrics used to track the performance of your marketing. KPIs uses 2 approaches: 

  • If your goal is to acquire more customers or clients and make more profit it is better to measure the KPIs against sales time i.e. daily or monthly and conversion rate.
  • If your goal is to make awareness for your brand choose KPIs like social share, website traffic, and new contacts to measure the growth of the audience size.
  • Test, iterate, repeat

    Rule number 1 always listens to your audience to satisfy them on a regular basis, get feedback to know about their experiences using your product so as to improve your product for a long. Be ready to make adjustments if there is a bug or if something doesn’t work. 

    Learn what works for your audience

    With time each marketing campaign makes you gain more experience and for the next campaigns, you may get more audience. Make sure you are informed on campaigns of your competitors so as to know if your level or stage of development is positive. Know that all marketing campaigns are an experience that must be saved and improved as well. Collecting this data can let you improve your strategies based on the audience and knowing what better works for them. 

    To help you with building a marketing strategy we prepared a marketing plan template. Use it to follow the step-by-step guide on how to deliver the product to the target audience with the minimum risks.

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