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While launching a start-up, there are more than a million questions to be asked and to be handled. One of the most important is the marketing of your business. Within the marketing box, there are so many other challenges: who are you going to market to?  What are your marketing goals? All these rolls up to one question: how much do you spend on start-up marketing?

Your marketing budget is dictated and informed by your marketing plan, meaning developing a start-up marketing budget is a critical step for the future of your business. This includes steps without which small companies may face enormous expenditure and will have a poor advertisement i.e. poor visibility.  

So let’s get deep into how to create a marketing budget, this article will give you all the ingredients to create perfect marketing, with advice from experts in the domain and an exclusive interview.

Creation Of A Small Business Marketing Budget

Every business must invest in marketing in order to be successful. But how much should be spent on marketing? Generally, there is no fixed amount that is needed. Marketing is a very subjective practice, depending on your endpoint targets and goals; market niche, branding customer base, and simple preference.

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That being said, there are some general marketing approaches worth investing time and money. The following steps may give a hand to start-up entrepreneurs and other newbies wanting to get to the venture.  

Step 1: Make a marketing Strategy 

A marketing strategy must be created before allocating a budget. This strategy is important because it helps understand the estimated amount to be spent, if later your campaign is over your budget you will be able to cope with it. Marketing is a variable in expense, so just because you may not afford to spend as much at the moment, doesn’t mean you will not be able to invest more when you are flush.


Marketing strategies are composed of many components of which are the targets. Target is the first component. Your targets are the results produced by your marketing campaign or the results you want your marketing efforts to yield. In general, the end target is to yield sales, but it is important to be specific so you can create the right strategy. An example of marketing results can be to increase the traffic to your company website or increase the number of followers engaged in your brand on social networks.  

Target Audience 

Your target audience is the people you targeted with your marketing campaign who can become potential customers. To be able to conduct this effectively you must make deep research: call and contact your existing clients to find out what they like about your business. Collect demographic information and try to determine which platforms are suitable for perfect coverage of potential clients.  

Determine the nature of your campaign

The concepts of Brand awareness VS. Direct response, these concepts are very important because they give a lead to your campaign. A direct response campaign is referred to as that campaign that has got a measurable impact in revenue or at least in leads. Here there is a ratio that plays an important role i.e. the ratio of the cost of the campaign to the revenue received.

Brand Awareness campaigns are referred to as an intangible measurement of impressions of your campaign but it is impossible to know the revenue generated. Brand awareness goes along with your marketing but it must be principal so as to maintain a solid core of subscribers. However, it is a long term bet and most of what we need is revenue. So it is most advanced to spend around three-quarters of the time on direct response campaigns and one-quarter on brand awareness.    

Distribution Method 

The distribution method is basically which channels you use to promote your business. TV advertisements were trendy in the past. In effect TV, radio and newspapers were popular channels through which promoters made advertisements. Nowadays, it is cheaper and more effective for medium and small businesses to make their promotions online, there are multiple ways of making ads online, from buying advertisements to hiring social network influencers. Knowing your target audience will tell you which distribution tells you which distribution methods are suitable for your business and will produce successful results. 

Social Network

Aside the being cheap, social networking advertisement will not take so much time and people to mobilize there are many positive business reasons for using social media marketing tools such as:


Search engine optimization is a very effective method of promotion by placing your brand on the top ranks of search on Google and other searching engines. The algorithm has as principal focus placing your brand on top search thus increasing the traffic on our website and on your social media platforms. Social media marketing can really boost traffic and increase your backlinks.

Targeted marketing 

The uniqueness of social media marketing targets specifically the people you wish to touch with your campaign thus making your promotion more effective. The promotion targets the specific age, sex, preference, and many other specific properties of potential clients. This is made possible through the marketing technology available on today’s social network platforms. This level of exactness permits you to build content tailor-made to our specific target demographic.

Viral potentials

Sharing material that resonates with the broad segment and ethic of the social media population could let you go viral. Reaching this status implies an enormous increase in the number of people reached by your brand. This is a greater step for you to be able to share more of your marketing plans thus increasing your traffic and the number of potential clients.


With all the benefits listed above such engagement may cause an increase in traffic and increase in the number of followers on social networks thus creating engagement by potential clients to like, share and comment with their friends.  Some of your clients may share your promotions campaign with their friends thus increasing the amount of traffic. If a client writes a comment it gives you the opportunity for you to engage the conversation with them thus convincing them more on what is suitable for them.


Whatever route chosen you must allocate a  marketing budget, most people take social media as a free service platform, businesses need to pay an extra budget to reach their targeted audience. Businesses are charged on a per-click basis for promo posts, with prices ranging from $0.20 per click to up to $10 per click. Boucher recommends small business owners dedicate at least $1,000 per month to social media promotion and they say one of the biggest mistakes is not having a realistic social media marketing budget for a successful result. Here are listed the best social networks you can count on and their specificities and later will be listed the least prices you may spend on these social networks. Your budget will be influenced by the social network platform you choose to use. There is no need to be on all the social networks, just one can be sufficient because the main goal is to reach your audience. Here is the list 

  • Facebook
  • Facebook is the widest platform with around 3 Billion users in the world, making Facebook the largest of all social networks. Relative to other social network media Facebook has an effective natural selling environment i.e.  It can work for both B2C and B2B businesses. To market on Facebook you will require creating a free Facebook Business account. The average cost per click i.e. CPC is $0.27.

  • Twitter
  • Twitter is another very popular social network, this network permits posting content with a maximum word count of 280 characters, making it straightforward for promotion. Twitter is very popular among millennials and works well in sharing breaking news, images, short videos, and links to longer content.  Twitter allows you to promote individual tweets. Prices for promotion rages from $0.5 to $4 per engagement i.e. like share, or comment. 

  • LinkedIn
  • This is a carrier- oriented social media network intended to involve B2B collaborations. LinkedIn advertisements start at $50 and can be targeted by job functions, company size, geolocation, Industry, gender, or even LinkedIn groups.    

  • Instagram
  • In 2018 Instagram had more than 2 billion active accounts, since 2018 these numbers have not stopped increasing. Instagram is the ideal platform for the B2C model of business because it permits you to share images that then stimulate the emotional sensibility of your customers. Most people using Instagram are millennials. Instagram is owned by Facebook so you may make a connection between the two social networks via pages and content. On average, an advertisement campaign on Instagram can cost between $0.20 and $2 per click.

  • YouTube
  • YouTube is a video streaming and hosting website and is linked to the world’s best search engine Google. Paying for an advertisement on YouTube is based on the number of views that the advertisement garners. The cost per view ranges between $0.1 and $0.30.

  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest is a social network platform where people can collect, share, discover, and create images. The platform may be used to inspire your campaigns such as style tips or renovations. You can advertise on Pinterest in the form of Promoted pins. CPC on promoted Pins starts at $0.10.

  • Minimum advertisement Budgets for social media
  • Average Cost per Click or CPC for social media advertisements
  • Social media advertisement is very specific, 2 principal components must be taken into account before taking steps further. Cost per like i.e. CPL and the cost per thousand impressions i.e. CPM. The table below shows you the CPC i.e. Cost per Click on the most popular platforms.

  • Average Cost per Thousand impressions
  • The cost per thousand impressions or CMP focuses on the views rather than the clicks. The average cost for an Average Cost per thousand impressions is generally higher because you pay per one thousand impressions versus single clicks. Below you shall get a breakdown table for the best social networks in terms of their cost per thousand impressions below:


    The target created with the marketing strategy must be measurable; this is where analytics gets the job done. Any good marketing strategy leverages tools like Google Analytics to inform on the effectiveness of the campaign. Using analytics tools may let you know if you are succeeding or failing your campaign. Analytics may also lead you to know if you have to modify or adjust your campaign. Here are some tools and the cost you may use to analyze if your campaign is effective.

    Google Analytics: This is a web analytic tool used by entrepreneurs to analyze the tendency of the promotion of champagne. It permits you to track a huge range of data concerning your site performance and traffic. It is a Free Tool, it has got the power to totally impulse your online marketing campaign. You only need a Google account to get started.

    MixPanel: This is an advanced web and mobile analytics tool Mixpanel is a specific tool that offers a wealth of information on how people use websites or apps. You can monitor the interactions of your potential customers online. The best thing is that you don’t need to use any code lines meaning everyone, even non-technical personnel can access important data about their campaign.

    Adwords Performance Grader: This tool permits you to make a PPC Audit in 60 sec.  PPC is a way to touch a maximum of new clients and improve your marketing campaign. That is the reason many little and medium businesses use AdWords performance Grader for help. This tool quickly and securely evaluates the strength of your Google Ads account in 60 secs or less. Once the tool has performed its audit and estimations of your account, it presents fully detailed feedback showing the strength and weakness of your marketing campaign according to metrics including ad text optimization, mobile optimization, and impression share.

    This informative tool is fully free, the information provided by this tool permits you to modify your campaign offering a strong potential lift in immediate account performance. Anyone business entrepreneur with a Google Ads account can benefit from the insights provided by the AdWords Performance Grader from small and medium-sized companies. 

    Step 2: Calculate Your Total Business Marketing Budget For The Year 

     Now that a specific strategy has been allocated, there is a need to identify the cost associated with the strategy. Although while marketing the budget might be minimized, determine your goals, and identify your target audience, a great majority of the expenses will come from the distribution method. There are many marketing distribution methods, each of them varies in their cost. There are TV, radio, and newspaper ads that sally comes with fixed prices. There is the online marketing strategy which is variable depending on the type of advertisement, the platform, or the cadence of the advertisement. Email marketing is another method which can be used, nowadays. Email marketing isn’t really reliable because most customers consider advertisement emails as spam.

    The use of analytics tools outlined above provides a deep insight into a business’s marketing efforts. Monthly subscriptions may reveal the live tendency to your campaign. As we said earlier, there is no specific rule on how much money a business can budget for marketing. It depends on your annual sales, stage of business, and profit margin.

  • A majority of businesses base their marketing percentage on their gross revenue. The advantage of this method is that your business marketing budget will increase along with the sales. However, it should be considered that marketing creates sales, not the other way round. Mostly there is a need to use a disproportionate marketing percentage for marketing compared to its sales.
  • The Small Business Administration recommends spending 6 percent to 7 percent of the gross revenue on marketing and advertising. This calculation takes into consideration the net profit margin after all expenses are in the 10 percent to 12 percent range.
  • Calculate the marketing budget; take a look at your sales projections for your first-year of business. Publications, industry organizations, trade associations, and websites will have benchmark info about the average marketing budget.
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    Small Business Marketing Budget: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

    After estimating the annual marketing budget you can use your marketing strategies to improve it. You must be realistic: having a budget that is not big enough to recover elements of the marketing plan you expect, you must try to make more with less. For instance, could you run less paid advertisements but keep your focus on free marketing like organic SEO or Social media.

    Remember that even free marketing tactics will need you to spend time on them. Designing the campaign for social media, monitoring the campaign, and responding to social media followers’ comments. This can take you 1 to 2 hours a day. Paid campaigns on the other hand might have better results than free tactics. 

    After you have created a marketing budget, stay committed to it. Several new entrepreneurs get nervous at the very first time they see a drop in numbers or a non-productive campaign in evolution. You should understand that marketing is an experience so try to learn from the mistakes and correct them with time. Marketing is always productive but you have to find a way to do it appropriately, improve your product or maybe the service you deliver.

    Free promotional and marketing budget template: If you need help in crafting your small business you may try these downloadable free marketing templates.

  • HubSpot has got over eight free marketing templates to help you structure your marketing budget templates.
  • Word Templates online on this site you may download .xls and .zip files with free templates for successful marketing budget planning.
  • Smartsheet has got 12 free marketing budget templates. These include a simple marketing budget, annual marketing budget, and quarterly marketing budget.
  • Don’t forget to also visit SCORE for your annual marketing templets. You may get free help completing the tables online.
  • Interview

    A young CEO  and founder of a Ukrainian company ALL BlVCK TEAM opened the doors of his company. ALL BLVCK is a Dnipro based company founded in 2013 by Dmitry Koturanov. ALL BLVCK is the leading video and photo production studio of the moment. They produce advertisements, photoshoots, music videos. Design campaign for the visibility of other companies and Photos for major events and product promotion.

    The founder was driven by the desire to become the best and create high-quality content. ALL BLVCK TEAM started as a little production company with its founder being a photographer and later started diversifying and evolving to what is today “A big dream” said Mr. Koturanov.

    C:\Users\TOX KRAVITZ\Downloads\IMG_6326-1-1 insta.jpg
    Dmitry Koturanov

    “ We have got our own style and vision that helps to stay unique and our main goals are to satisfy customers and help them in their successful adventures” The All BLVCK production has been experiencing skyrocketing numbers of orders. They made video advertisements for restaurants, politicians, nightclubs …etc. Most companies that require the best video, photo, and design qualities require their services for a better marketing campaign. 

    When asked about the marketing of his company the young entrepreneur informed us. It all depends on how quickly you want to get results. You can cope with small investments in advertising and get results over time, or you can invest a large amount in advertising and get an influx of new customers instantly. The main thing to know is that you need to create the best quality content to achieve results. Otherwise, clients will destroy your reputation and all your marketing campaigns wouldn’t be worth it. The main thing is to earn a good reputation. 

    Talking about marketing channels His company is mainly focused on creating materials for advertisement. Advertisements done with the help of his company are mainly used online confirmed by the Director. Nowadays people need to get the most creative and attractive concept that can be used for advertisement campaigns. 


    Now that you have got every information you need to build a small business marketing budget, you can get into the adventure easily. Remember that without marketing, scaling your company will be a challenge. An appropriate marketing budget will help you spend wisely as you build your business.

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